I won the Sew Retro contest!

Wednesday 2 December 2009
Yay for lucky old me, I've scored a $100 gift voucher from ZipZapKap Vintage Sewing Patterns etsy shop for winning the party dress competition over at Sew Retro! I can't believe it, I seriously never win anything except for one time I won $800 at bingo but a little old lady had all the numbers as well so we had to split it :(

Even more unbelievable is that I actually finished my entry on time - there's been quite a few that I attempted but just didn't quite get there in time. Too bad this was randomly drawn, 'cos otherwise I would be talking up my phenomenally exceptional sewing skills.....

But anyway thanks to Anna at Sew Retro for organising the competition, and thanks to Katherine from ZipZapKap for the fantastic prize. I'm having buyers paralysis trying to pick which patterns to buy with the voucher, there are too many to choose from!

Carolyn - don't remind me about going back to work! Now that I've got Anna sleeping regularly in the day and through the night I am enjoying being home and doing crafty type things. But I'll only be working three days a week, so plenty of time to get sewing done as long as I ignore the housework, exercise and my husband!

Miss Sews It All - if I tried to finish all my UFOs before starting anything new there's a very strong chance I would never sew anything new ever again! But to assuage my guilt about the waste I do force myself to finish one every now and then.
Pammie - don't be too jealous of our warm weather, it has been unbelievably hot lately and it's only just the very beginning of summer. Sadly our house needed rewiring if we wanted air conditioning so we just swelter on days that it gets well above 30c degrees (86F).

And thank you to the lovely Eileen who emailed me to say she loves reading about life here in Australia and Anna's capers and hopes that I still have time to blog when I go back to work. Don't worry about that Eileen, I'll probably have more time to blog when I'm back at work, I'd say about three more days LOL!

And since I don't like posting without a picture, have a look at my dining room at the moment and see if you can spot what is wrong with this picture:

Yes that would be my kitchen sink and stove top sitting in what is my pantry cupboard lying sideways on the dining room floor. And yes that is the entire content of my kitchen pantry on the dining table, the contents of other cupboards are strewn throughout the rest of the house! We are having a new stone benchtop and some extra cupboards installed in the kitchen at the moment since we enlarged the kitchen during the recent remodelling of the house. So yeah, add this to the post I did the other day of 'this time last year' because this time last year I was still stupidly optimistic it would all be finished before Anna was born. Ha ha ha silly old me....

But look very closely and you'll see two drops of the curtains that I've been putting off hanging there in the background. They aren't quite finished yet as the hems are just pinned up at the moment, but it's a start!


  1. Congratulations!!! Even though it was randomly chosen you did enter an awesome dress!

    *LOL* At the going back to work and the more time for blogging...you will actually find that you are more inspired to sew once you are back at work.

  2. Congratulations - your choices are so endearing! I do love your blog - it's great to hear your ups and down in Australia. And I'm impressed that you get through fantastic project so quickly!!

  3. Congratulations on winning!

    I must say I too love reading about life in Australia, and cooing over pictures of Anna :) You're such a talented and inspiring sewist, and your descriptions of the hot weather there help me get through the winter here in the States!

  4. Congratulations! Your party dress is "sew" cute! (Bad pun intended) :-)

    I want to see more of your creations so I'm following your blog now!

  5. Congratulations! Winning stuff, even if it is a random drawing, is always so fun!

  6. Your bingo story made me laugh! Congrats on winning, and your dress was adorable. I don't always comment but I always enjoy reading your blog. Good luck with your kitchen.

  7. congratulations! I really liked that dress you made for the contest! How exciting to win something!!

  8. Congrats! I just love that dress!

  9. Congrats!

    By the way, it's important to let your curtains drop by hanging them awhile before you hem them. I've been letting mine drop for nearly three years now...heheh.

  10. At least the hems are pinned. My bedroom curtains are still not hemmed and there is no sight of a pin either! I had to laugh at your kitchen sink too - it was the first thing I noticed!
    Oh yes, congrats on winning. Now I have to go and see the dress (I am so behind....)

  11. Lucky you... enjoy your winnings...
    nothing like having the kitchen sink in the living room... guess it makes it easier to get a drink!
    LoL.... good for you on the drapes. Hey... thats one step further than me! I have a rod that I put decorative accents on... and blinds!

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