Dressing like my home decor

Monday 18 October 2021

Earlier this year I bought some vibrant home dec fabric by Kirsten Katz from Spotlight with the intention of making some new cushion covers for my lounge. But the longer the fabric sat on my cutting table the more I wanted to make something wearable from it instead. Which is what I did!

The fabric is a thick, non-stretch cotton so I couldn't make anything that needed any drape or stretch. My favourite pleated a-line skirt is the perfect shape for this fabric.

woman posing in a bright floral skirt

The pattern is from a 2014 Burda Easy magazine that I picked up at a Sydney Spoolettes fabric swap day and I've now made several times. It is really easy to make, it has pockets, it is pleated to give space for movement but isn't too full so there's no danger of flashing anyone on a windy day - all in all, a great pattern.

The back view is cut on the fold which means there's no pesky pattern matching required which was handy for a bold print like this.

The front has a long row of buttons which frankly is the most time consuming part of making this skirt! All those buttons and buttonholes are a bit fiddly and get a bit lost in a busy print like this, but in a plain fabric it would be a nice look.

And the best part is I did have some fabric left over to make some cushion covers, because I made the backs of the cushions from plain black cotton. These are just simple square and rectangle shapes, and I used zippers from the stash so another equally quick and simple project.

There's nothing better than matching your home decor is there? ­čśé



  1. Nothing wrong at all and love the skirt, the fabric is amazing and I think a lot of us have some in our stash.

  2. Great to see you, know that someone is reading, from across the world! Love that skirt pattern, it looks to me like the best skirt pattern ever! Great style for you!
    Cherie - in Phoenix, Arizona!

  3. Well, I LIKE that you match your sofa cushions.

    I made a jacket once out of some striped upholstery samples gleaned from a furniture market show -- they'd been tossed out with several tons of such items as trash, after the show. Wore the jacket to church, and was teased by two women because my jacket matched THEIR draperies.

    Donated the jacket to charity. I loved that jacket. Sigh.