Vintage Vogue 6056: Houndstooth top

Wednesday 27 May 2015
What an awful saying "killing two birds with one stone" really is when you break it down. I was trying to explain to Anna the figurative meaning of the saying, but being 6 years old she couldn't quite get past the literal meaning. But why mummy? You said we should never hurt animals. Why would you want to kill a bird with a stone? Ahh, to be six years old again with such an innocent outlook on things!

So let me try this in a PC way: my latest project achieved multiple outcomes whilst utilising a streamlined approach to achieve maximum efficiencies (I have told you I work for the government right? We excel at jargon like this!). Not only did I end up with a lovely top to wear, but I also used up two separate pieces of scrap fabric and used a previously unused vintage pattern from my rather large stash. A win any way you say it!

 After I made the Simplicity dress in the last post, I had a large-ish bit and some odd shaped bits left over of the houndstooth fabric. Keeping in mind my recently self imposed rule of trying to use up fabric scraps in a meaningful way rather than hoard them, I decided to make this quick top instead of tidying up my sewing room after the dress project (which is my other recently self imposed rule!).

I used a 1960s era Vogue pattern (Vogue 6056), which was one of the patterns I got in my massive pattern haul in January:

I paired this fabric with some black knit fabric leftover from long ago project, because I didn't have enough of either fabrics but together I managed to eek out this top, albeit with shorter sleeves than the pattern is designed for.

It seems that practically every pattern company these days has a raglan pattern but what I like about this vintage Vogue pattern is that it has a bust dart to give some subtle shaping whilst still being a boxy, casual style.

The pattern was designed for woven fabrics, and has a front and back facing at the neckline which I substituted with a neckband since I was using a knit fabric. It's a one piece raglan sleeve, with a shoulder dart to give a bit of shaping which seems to sit well enough on my narrow, sloping shoulders.

Overall it was a super quick and easy top to make, but is great for my more casual days and it means more fabric out of my sewing room and into my wardrobe.

Dress Up Party: Simplicity 2724 review

Saturday 23 May 2015
Something a little different from me today - I'm participating in a 'Dress Up Party' hosted by Sara over at Sew Sweetness and have written a guest post reviewing Simplicity 2724. This is a great dress which has been made by lots of talented sewers, but for some reason it's now OOP. If you have this in your stash I can highly recommend making it up. I've made my version in an emerald green cotton for the bodice and a black and white mini houndstooth wool for the skirt.

It was fortunate that I had this commitment to meet because it forced me to finish this dress - I had a hugely productive sewing weekend away a few weeks ago but lately my life has been a black hole of busyness, sickness and a stint of solo parenting which has been hugely draining on my sewing mojo and I haven't had the energy (or time) to get much done. Hopefully this can get me back on track - so many things to sew and so little time!

image via Pattern Review