it's beginning to look a tiny bit like christmas round here

Monday 7 December 2009
I don't think you all need me to remind you that it's only about 2 weeks until christmas! Yikes, I had so much planned, but like all good plans most of it I won't have time to complete - there's always next year though.....

I have been doing quite a bit lately though, just haven't got any photos because it's been far too hot and sweaty in these parts for a decent photo. My latest obsession is making these felt christmas ornaments from the tutorial over at Zakka Life:

They are super easy to make and although I don't normally like hand sewing it's pretty fun seeing them come to life from a flat pile of felt circles to a round ball. The good thing about them is that they are baby friendly, indeed a few have already seen in the insides of Anna's mouth and came out looking ok. This is my minimalist version of a christmas tree for our house:

I've been picking up twigs from the streets when I'm out walking with Anna so I must look like a right nutbag to anyone passing by! I had intended to paint them white, but I'd say that's one of the things that may get done next year. I put them in a vase wrapped with hessian and secured with red ribbon - too easy. We're generally not home at christmas, going to both sets of in-laws on christmas and boxing days and so have never really made a fuss of christmas decorations before and would you believe we do not own a single strand of tinsel or even a can of fake spray on snow.

I've also been making some little drawstring bags to use for gift bags instead of wrapping paper. I just loosely based their size on the gifts they are to contain, and then sewed some rectangles of curtain fabric overlayed with some colourful fabric. I did it this way because the fabrics I chose were thin cottons and I didn't think they'd be strong enough to survive long term. Aren't they pretty? Although I suspect little kids love the wrapping paper the most so I may be dudding them from some good old fashioned paper wripping up fun.....

And in on going house renovation news the kitchen benchtop is on (after two long days due to our house being old and the walls being very un-straight!), the new cupboards are installed and all that stuff is off my dining table and back into the pantry. Now we're on the search for some new tiles for the splashback, so I'd say we're looking at next year before it's fully finished *sigh*.


  1. I love the ornaments. I'm going to take a look at the tute, and maybe I will make some today with my kids. Thanks for the link. They look neat on the twigs. What a nice simple way to decorate. And what a great idea to make the drawstring bags for wrapping gifts.

  2. I love this! Love your version of the tree, and I love the drawstring bags. Hmm. I've been ignoring the thought of Christmas, but maybe I need to start decorating instead...

  3. LOVE the ornaments and the twig Christmas tree.

  4. Things are never finished. I have the electrician here as I write to put our lightfittings in. Next up will be the dining area curtains (maybe). I tell you this working full time cuts into my time to do anything! BTW, your Christmas tree is adorable.

  5. I've made gift bags, too. Add the sound and energy of "tearing paper" by using a strip of hook and loop tape to close the bag. RRRRRIIPPP!! Great fun, and still reusable.