finishing an easy peasy UFO

Tuesday 1 December 2009
So it's been awhile since I knocked off another UFO, but I haven't forgotten about them. It's a bit hard to actually, since they are in a big white box in my sewing room that I helpfully wrote UFO and drew a picture of a flying saucer on the side!

I pulled this skirt out and decided to finally finish it because it seriously took me about an hour to do. I started it maybe 2 years ago or so, and did finish sewing it at that time. But for some reason it turned out way too long even though I measured it against one of my other skirts, and since it is a border print I couldn't just take up the hem, I had to unpick the skirt from the waistband and that was my downfall - I had topstitched it all around and clearly lost interest halfway through unpicking purgatory!
With my new red seam ripper in hand (it goes faster you see) I pulled that baby apart, sewed it back up at the right length and already wore it out. Don't know why I waited so long really (yes I do, I clearly have a short attention span when things don't work out).

The skirt is vampired from Simplicity 4599 - I only used the waistband because I love how it fits on me, and then I just attached a large rectangle of the fabric pleating it the whole way around. This way I was able to keep the border print even all around at the bottom, and used the white selvedge as a teeny tiny hem.

This is a great skirt pattern, although hemming it without a helper to help pin it straight is painful due to the width of the skirt. The jacket totally didn't work for me at all because I just could not get the raglan sleeves to site right at the shoulder for some reason.

I've actually made this skirt several times before, and I'm ashamed to say this, but there is still two more versions still in the UFO pile! One of which was made to pair with the jacket of this pattern which totally failed and the other just needs a hem but it's a slippery fabric that is proving elusive to get straight. However these two made it to the end and are part of my wardrobe:
Thanks for reading whilst I air my shameful secrets!


  1. It was worth persevering with.

  2. Cute!! I love the border print. The other two skirts are great, too. That's a great pattern!

  3. *LOL* You are too funny! But at least you attack that pile of UFOs and occasionally get a new piece added to your wardrobe. You should give yourself a pat on the back just for that! And I love the skirt ~ you know border prints make my heart sing!

    You can tell that you are starting to prepare to go back to work...garment sewing for you has started!

  4. Super cute skirts!! I'm jealous of your warm weather in Australia - I'm in Southern California but visiting Monterey (a bit North) and freezing:)

    I recently bought some new fabric and if I can make the skirts turn out like yours - I'd be more than pleased.

  5. What "shameful secrets?" You are my inspiration - somewhat for finishing your sewing projects, but mostly for hope for my body. My kids are 27 and 22, and my waist still sticks out more than my chest (but I'm working on it).

  6. Very cute skirt! I admire your tenacity, I'm trying REALLY HARD to finish up my projects-in-progress pile BEFORE starting anything else. it hard!

  7. Great skirts! I love the blue one with the red border - might see if I can get hold of the skirt pattern, it looks like a great shape:-)

  8. I'm glad you dug out that skirt to finish it up - it's really cute!

  9. ooh how inspiring! I'm so glad to have read this post, because I have a beautiful fabric with a lace border included and I could not think of a way to use the fabric properly in a dress. Thanks a lot!
    by the way I've just recently discovered your blog and am thoroughly reading loads of posts (congratulations for your baby boy), I'm slowly making my way through old posts and discovering many gems. thanks again so much for sharing!