sewing in rewind

Wednesday 22 April 2009
Is there anything more disheartening and energy zapping than unpicking your sewing mistakes? Tracing off a BWOF pattern comes a close second, but for me spending quality time with my seam ripper is almost tantrum inducing..... I had made 14 of these:

for this little munchkin:

and since I now have a laundry and clothesline again I was ready to start using cloth nappies full time. However instead of a 'ta-da' moment, I had a major d'oh moment when I realised I had completely stuffed them up. The logic behind modern cloth nappies is that the outer layer is waterproof, the inner layer is moisture wicking and the insert is absorbent. Well this doesn't work so well if you accidentally switch the fabrics around, in fact it doesn't work at all! So I guess I'll be spending the next little while unpicking, recutting and resewing, which is even more annoying because I got the new BWOF mag (well the 2/09 issue) in the mail and would rather be sewing from that instead.

Oh well, on to more exciting things. Our backyard presently looks like this:

My husband (and his spotty four legged supervisor) was busy the last two weekends building a retaining wall. All it needs is some turf and landscaping and it will be done for now - next summer we'll get busy painting, building a deck and putting up a shade sail, but not right now because I don't want my handyman to get burnt out LOL! Oh and moo-i-made-it, if you're reading, our flowering gum tree there in background has finally flowered. After several years in the ground being well looked after it gave us nothin', and then six months of neglect and abuse by the builders it not only survived but came out with some beautiful orange flowers! So to reward it we built the retaining wall around it's root ball to let it keep growing and hopefully flower again soon.

And when it rained on the weekend my husband also finished putting the flooring down in my sewing studio - here's a sneak peek of it:

On to the comments to the last post - Mary Nanna I'm still cracking up at your puppies in a sack comment, I think we could all do with someone that honest in our lives. Vicki stop telling me the harsh truth, I wanna live in blissful denial! Jean, Kath and Kim the Australian version is a funny tv show about an aspirational Aussie family (thankfully it's all tongue and cheek and we Australians are not like that, well not all of us anyway). And I've been well and truly put back into my box regarding using pattern tissues for anything other than cutting out the patterns, I so didn't think of those patterns with pieces missing or ones that are falling apart and unable to be used. If I did have some of those, then I definately would use them for decorative pieces.

Excitingly Anna slept through the night last night - she went down at 8pm and woke up at 6am which is just brilliant! She is actually a good sleeper at night, she usually only wakes up at 3am for a feed and then goes back to sleep really quickly, with her next feed at 6am and then we both sleep in until 9am (how luxurious!). However, she is a terrible day time sleeper, only napping twice a day for about 45mins at a time which doesn't leave me much time to get things done - this is when I spend all my time walking her around trying to get her to sleep so she doesn't get overtired and ratty by the evening. But I shouldn't complain because at least I'm not tired and worn out like some new mums whose babies still wake multiple times a night.

Happy sewing all, may your seam rippers be resting in peace rather than working overtime like mine will be....


  1. Little Anna is looking a lot like you in that photo! And your backyard and sewing room are looking great. Love the blue walls and white trim. All it needs now is a play pen for Anna and your machines.

  2. Oh I tought I was the only one messing with the order of layers :-(
    Poor you!
    Anyway, you've got the most beautiful munchkin ever to keep you busy:-)

  3. Uh! I can't believe you have to unpick fourteen nappies!! That is the PITS and definitely depressing after all that work.

  4. Sorry about the diapers. What a pain. Your sewing room looks wonderful. What a nice large and light filled space. So clean and clear now. I'm sure you'll take care of that soon.

  5. Oh. Man. That, is unfortunate.

  6. You are a saint if you unpick all of those! If I could, I would come over and help. Anna is looking adorable as always...

  7. Ohhhh new sewing studio, that picture almost stopped my heart! *LOL* Hope you can get your things moved out to it sooner rather than later. Then you can install a jumpy or exersaucer and let Miss Anna play while you play!

    And Miss Anna is tooooo cute for words!

  8. Oh no! I can so empathize with that sinking feeling you get when you realize you've done something completely wrong...

  9. meep .. I feel your unpicking pain.

    I couldn't bare to make mine and bought them on line from

    I made a rule early on that seeing as though so little time these days (with toddler in tow) was mine, then it would be solely mine, and refused to do any sewing for anyone else. Including friends begging for "please take up my jeans" favours.

    Cruel to be kind to self.

  10. Gah! I feel your pain about the nappies...having made more than my fair share over the past few years. Duty sewing is tedious at the best of times - having to do it all over again must be excruciating.
    Still, I guess there's no quick fix for an inside-out nappy, is there?


  11. Assembly mistakes aside, I am so impressed that you are making your own diapers! Some days I can barely work the velcro on my baby's (purchased) diapers.

  12. Kristy, your room is looking wonderful! Are you excited? I would be! What fun... and you'll just need a place to put the "little miss" and away you go. Like you said a number of posts back, you just need to get her used to you sewing and not thinking that she needs to be entertained and your in business!
    The color on the walls are nice too.
    Glad to hear she is dong so well... hmmm your mistake sounds like something I would do! LoL... oh well, if you can at least laugh at yourself... your doing well.
    Have a great weekend.

  13. sounds like something I might do! reminds me i need to make a few more diapers so my poor boy didn't have to wear his sister's old pink and purple ones.

    Can't wait to see the sewing studio!

  14. I so hate making mistakes and the unpicker-especially when your sewing time is at such a premium. This mightn't help but I just switched to cloth nappies and ended up just making a few covers with the PUL I bought and using the bamboo I bought for the inner just folded into a pad inside, with a microfleece liner to keep her feeling dry. And they dry faster on the line than the ones I had sewn up because they are flat...maybe you could just use the fabric you have already cut to make outer covers and booster pads? Then you'll be on to your BWOF in no time!
    Ps so jealous of your overnight sleeping baby. I just got 5 hours for first time in 5 months & was so excited I couldn't get back to sleep after the feed!

  15. Oh, I know that is such a pain to have redo these.

    By the way, I love seeing pictures of the baby. I hope you keep posting them. She's getting prettier every day.