oops, how did that happen?

Friday, 27 November 2009
Turns out Anna's head isn't as big as I thought.....

No matter, she seems to think it's funny.....

It will fit her in no time. She's turning into quite the lollypop - her height is 75.5cm which is over the 97th percentile for girls, her head is in the 90th percentile but her weight has dropped down into 50th percentile. She had grown out of her hats, and being the frugalista that I am I wasn't going to pay $15 - $20 for a kiddies hat when I have enough fabric to make hats for all the heads of children in the entire third world. I used Butterick 5717 which according to the Butterick website is now OOP, but I picked it up from an op shop. I used the x-small size, but as usual the sizing of the big 4 pattern companies has foiled me again!

Hats are super simple to make, I don't know why I don't make them more often because I wear them all the time. You won't catch me outside on a barely sunny day without a hat on my head, and I have quite a collection, but like shoes and bags there's always room in the wardrobe for another!

Mochimo - Anna isn't walking yet and she's barely crawling, mostly backwards really which is good because I can see that once she's on the move she's going to need alot more supervision from me. She does like to stand though, and has worked out how to pull herself to a standing position by grabbing onto anything nearby. But you're right, time has flown by this year - I've been off work for a full 12 months now although it only feels like yesterday that I started my maternity leave. I'll be back at work February 1 which sadly is only a bit over 2 months away now! I'll only be working three days a week though so it should be manageable. I enrolled Anna in childcare for those three days a week which is costing $99 a day but it seems like a really good centre and the kids seem happy, so hopefully she'll enjoy it. Has to be more exciting than spending all day every day with me, entertaining little kids is so tiring!

Anyway enough rambling about the baby from me, I have a hem on a dress to finish while she's asleep!


  1. That hat picture is too cute. Is it really $99 dollars/day? Wow, I would pay less than that for 5 days here. Enjoy the last few months of freedom, I am too as I may be going back to work next year.

  2. That's a lovely hat and your little girl is a sweetie! I'm not sure I've ever made a hat that fitted right first time! I knit, crochet and sew them and regard it as being tantamount to professional failure to actually buy one and yet I still consistently get the fitting wrong! Wearable, but wrong. I wonder if there's a 'how to' guide somewhere that could help?

  3. Your little Anna is simply beautiful :-)

  4. Adorable! Really in no time that hat will fit her perfectly.

  5. She'll probably grow into it in just a few weeks. In the meantime, she can have loads of fun playing with it.

  6. My 4 year old girl usually swipes my hats from me. And of coure, they always look way cuter on her. But I don't bother sewing for her 'cos she pretty darned picky.

  7. Anna has the most wonderful smile!

    She will have a cute hat in a few weeks or months. But now she has a FANTASTIC toy!
    (are baby games the same in the whole world? We have a game where you hide your face - or the baby's face - and then you show your or her face again and say some silly word that means absolutely nothing. In my family it is "bau" when you hide and "cetti" when you re-appear, but there are variations...)