snap happy

Monday, 23 November 2009
Well I'm still having a merry old time using my new snap press - it's absolutely great for kids clothes, and I can see it coming in handy for handbag making as well although it's not that often I make handbags because they are way too fiddly for my patience levels.

Anyway I made a little pinafore dress for Anna from a 1974 Simplicity pattern (Simplicity 6051) which my mum remembers making for me and for my brother (the overalls that is, not the dress!). Too bad she didn't keep them and we don't have any photos either, because it would have been fun to see what crazy fabric she used given it was the 70s! I used a stretch dark denim from the stash, embellished with a line of pink ric rac across the front pocket and pink plastic snaps. It looks rather mature and serious looking, but it is a good neutral colour to offset all the girly pink clothes she has.....

Sorry for the blurry photos, it is getting increasingly hard to get crisp photos of Anna since she is just a ball of movement most of the time!

So how did all of you NSW dwellers survive the extreme heat on Sunday? We were out on Sunday and came home to a house that was 35c degrees (95F) inside and 40c (104F) outside, and even at midnight it was still 30c (86F) degrees inside. Unfortunately we don't have air conditioning and boy did we feel it yesterday! Anna was awake half the night being very upset and unsettled which I thought was because of the heat, but this morning I see she has one top tooth popped through the gum and the other just about to come through, the poor little thing.

It was my birthday on Saturday just gone, and my lovely husband gave up his usual Saturday morning golf competition round for me to have a few hours at a day spa which was just great! Actually the real gift was a few hours baby free time, the facial and the massage were just the icing on the cake..... And my lovely friends gave me one of these very cool and very me brooches by the artist Liana Kabel:


  1. Happy birthday!
    Is Anna already standing and walking? How time flies...

  2. It's so adorable.

    Happy Birthday.

  3. Very cute and Happy Birthday.

  4. Happy Birthday!

    Love that jumper! I think little kids in dark denim are just precious. :)

  5. Happy birthday, belatedly. And I agree - how time flies, if Anna is already standing and moving around...

  6. Happy Birthday! YAY!

    Also, thanks for the snap press kit notes from the other day. I think that's a GREAT tool that I haven't got yet... could be just right for boys shirts too! (I've got HEAPS of boyfriends under 2 years old!)


  7. Cute pinnie (aka pinafore)! Happy Birthday too!

  8. Happy Birthday! Your baby is darling in that little jumper.

  9. She is ADORABLE! Love the brooch... Happy birthday!

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