the grown up version of those little blue shorts

Thursday, 12 November 2009
Ok, I'm a woman obsessed with using all of the stitches on my new sewing machine! After saying in the last post that I wouldn't use the decorative stitches on my own clothes, well I did, but it is very discreet and doesn't look too bad at all...

This is a fagoting stitch, used for smocking or some such thing (I actually don't know it's proper use!), but I sewed this along the pocket edge and it worked so much better in keeping the pocket bag to the inside than just a single line of topstitching.

I made some shorts for myself out of some navy blue cotton drill I had in the stash, primarily because I wanted to try out the fit of BWOF 11/08 pattern 121 if I took the pleats out.

When I made these pants previously in a grey wool the fit was great but the pleats added too much volume around my hips and thighs. And it turns out that without the pleats they are still very comfortable and look pretty good too, although a darker colour probably also helps in visually slimming the hips.

I also made little slits at the hem just for looks and not for ease of wear since the legs aren't tight.

Although I had to take the waistband in by an inch or so because I have lost a few more kilos since I made those grey pants, so I just put a centre back seam in the waistband which also helped with a sway back adjustment that I need in close fitting clothes like these. Now I have the pattern altered to a good fit so it just may become a TNT (tried and true) pattern. As much as I love trying out new patterns (and with 600+ paper patterns I should!), when it comes to tricky fitting clothes likes pants I think it is good to have something you know will turn out well without having to do a muslin every time.

So next up on the sewing to do list is a pretty frock for a christmas party, although I have washed, cut and pinned together three drops of the curtains so I should really sit down and sew those! I am such a procrastinator sometimes.....

But right now I'm off for a swim because it is 35 degrees here, far too hot to do anything else


  1. Cute shorts. Love the stitches. How fun.

  2. I wouldn't have thought to do that. Great fit on the shorts.

  3. Just like you I thought I would never use those fancy stitches, but I do use them quite often, in fact.
    Those pants are great on you.
    Enjoy the swimm

  4. Hiya!!!! I'm MORE than happy to help you with those patterns to see if they're TNT! Hee hee! If you have any petites or teens ones (babes I'm 4 eleven!) I'd love to help you out! (Just don't tell my husbie!)

    You should do a sewalong or something, as we may have the same patterns anyways!

  5. Great shorts! I am so jealous that you're having shorts weather and soon I'll have snow!

  6. I do know of people who just use their pants sloper to redesign many different pant looks because of the issues that you mention.

    But I'm thinkin, if Burda use the same basic block, then shouldn't the alterations be standard - if you have to extend centre back by 2 cms or deepen the back crotch by 1 cm, shouldn't it always be the same for basics ...I guess some design features will add more wearable ease which would affect fit but overall shouldn't it be fairly predictable?

    I really hope so, and will experiment with this myself because drafting from one pair of TNT's is more work than I can usually be bothered with.

    Your shorts look great - you enjoy that lovely hot weather and congratulations for such a quick return to pre baby weight!

  7. Lovely shorts! I like the use of the stitches. I will get a TNT pants pattern before next winter - that is my goal!

  8. Great shorts and one of my goals for this Summer.

  9. When I got my machine (a Janome) about 3-4 years ago (I had an ancient singer before that, like literally a collector's item it was my mum's from when she was a girl) I went MENTAL on the decorative stitches... they were on everything! then i just stopped using them and went back to straight stitching! (i think i got paranoid that it made all my clothes look handmade after someone made a comment about the stitching)... crazy thing is I quite like it when other people use fancy stitches! i think i might have to dust some of those stitches again!

  10. Nice shorts! I'm glad to see you finding some time to sew!

  11. Those look great! I love that you're making use of all the fancy stitches on your machine - so fun!!