fancy stitches

Thursday 5 November 2009
When I bought my new sewing machine a little while back that came with 70 different stitches (about 65 more than I had previously) I didn't think I'd need them all. Well as a few people commented when I bought it, I have used more stitches than I thought I would, mainly because I've gone out of my way to use them purely for decorative purposes. Although I love love love being able to keyhole button holes, I think they look great.

I haven't used the decorative stitches on my clothes mind you, I think most of the decorative/embroidery type stitches on clothes can look a little cutesy on a grown woman. But a 10 month old baby can't complain for a few more years yet, thankfully because I plan on dressing her in homemade vintage style clothes and giving her a bowl cut when her hair gets longer! Yeah, she'll probably need therapy when she's older but I've gotta get my own back for all these sleepless nights.....

Anyway I made her two more pairs of shorts because a) they're quick, b) they use up my bigger pieces of scrap fabric, c) it's getting really really hot around here and d) she's always on the floor with her butt in the air trying to crawl, so shorts are more practical. First up I made a pair of shorts from the Amy Butler Little Stitches for Little Ones book, in a size 6-9 months because I find the pattern size to run large. They're just made from some leftover white cotton, and I used the love heart stitching setting around the hem line in a contrasting pink cotton:

I also made a pair of navy blue shorts in a cotton drill that are actually cut out from the scrap of a pair of shorts I'm in the middle of making for myself (yes I'll be careful to make sure we don't wear them at the same time!) I used the same vintage Simplicity pattern I made these red shorts from, I just added a button to the pocket. On the hemline I used a little star pattern around the short legs:

I deliberately made these blue shorts to wear with a red gingham top that was a gift because she had nothing to go with it. Nothing like starting wardrobe building early in life!

And for more scrap busting ideas, check out this ultra cute partridge softie tutorial over at Retro Mama (via oneprettything) would be ideal for Christmas tree decorations. If only I had about a gajillion more hours in the day I would make heaps of these for our tree because this year may be the first year we actually get a tree (we're never home over Christmas so haven't bothered in the past).

But the ultimate scrap buster that will use up all your scraps very quickly has to be this: a 'stuff sack' filled dog bed from Molly Mutt (they sell patterns to make your own but I'm sure most of us could work out a similar thing)
This is particulary for Veronica Darling, who has the most gorgeous puppy ever! I need to make several of these because my naughty dog has a tendency to use his bed as a toy and tear it to shreds after a few months. Yes that would be this dog, who is trying to be bashful:

Thanks for all of your comments on the skirt in the previous post, I feel like the popular girl in school!

Vicki - I hope your got your curtains done, otherwise your neighbours may get to know a whole other side of you LOL! I hope you're going to put a photo on your blog soon, because I miss seeing your creations.

Rebecca - Anna is definitely chewing on everything in sight. There isn't a finger, shoulder or even my chin that is safe around her, let alone anything else in the house like the furniture, her toys or the chair legs.... Jean I haven't seen the baby numzit you mention for sale her, but I have been loading her up on baby nurofen at night time.

And thanks to those lovely ladies for commenting on my baby weight loss - don't hate me but I actually weigh a few kilos less now than I did just before I got pregnant. Which surprises me because I put on 20kg during pregnancy and haven't done any regular or specific exercise since but I think chasing a baby around plus being up walking the floor with her all night that I did for many months did the trick!


  1. People who say that mom's never exercise are NUT'S!!!! Cause you exercise all the time! You just don't realize that your doing it! Think about all the times that your picking her up... her things... the things that she throws onto the floor... for you to pick up! Yep... you look good and keep up the good work!

  2. I reckon you're looking HOT in that skirt! Yay for summer (um... not today though, it's freezing!)!

    And I'm totally making a big scrap-user-upper dog bed now! My darling outgrew her old one (sadly) so I'm making a bigger one now.

    Your doggie darling is SO freaking cute too, hiding behind the tail like that!

  3. I like your sense of humor regarding the therapy Anna will need!
    Thanks a lot for showing your skirt in the previous post. It has been of great help:
    Congratulation on the weight loss!

  4. Super cute shorts for a super cute baby.

  5. Sewing cute dresses for cute little girls must be even more fun than sewing your own clothes! Yes, much more. I think you will have lots of fun in the next years.
    And a lot of uses for those decorative stitches.

  6. Those navy shorts with the red gingham top is SO CUTE!! Here in the US, that would be one heck of 4th of July outfit that would cause all the other babies to go into fits of jealousy. ;)

  7. Love those blue shorts, very cute :) Ha ha I call all the clothes I make for my daughter "therapy clothes" not because they're theraputic but I joke she'll be telling her therapist about the weird things her mom dressed her up when she was a kid!
    Great stuff on here, keep it up!

  8. Yes, I made the curtains! I am sitting in bed with the laptop admiring I do have to take up the hems and then I will post (about blo@dy time!). Now back to your post...Anna looks adorable. Baby clothes are perfect to try out all those stitches. They look good don't they?

  9. Anna's shorts are cute, cute, cute! I love the stitching. I use the fancy stitches for little touches inside garments. I saw on someone's blog (Tany, I think) use them for topstitching the top end of the pleat in the lining of a jacket. I'm just putting a lining in a jacket with a breast pocket that I've topstitched. You will use them all eventually. I don't have a keyhole buttonhole, but I want one on my next machine!

  10. OMGoodness!!! You daughter looks just like you, absolutely gorgeous... Cute shorts too...

    Take Care
    Jodie :)

  11. .: Seriously, ultra cute partridge softie is sooooo cute~~ I want one, I want one~~ ^,^ :.