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Monday, 16 March 2009
This week I only managed a little bit of sewing, but I did trace off three BWOF patterns from the November and December issues in preparation for our coming winter. The sewing I did manage this week were making little things for Anna finally. We've been having sort of in between weather where it's been too cool for the sleeveless body suits and little bloomers Anna has in abundance but also too warm for the hand me down winter pants I was given, so I decided to make some long pants for her in lightweight cotton interlock to get through this crazy weather period. They were so easy and quick to make I managed to make 4 pairs during one of her naps using fabrics from the stash of course. Here is my favourite, a pair of pink polka dot pants:

I used New Look 6310 pattern size, which has sizes for new born to large. I used the small size which according to the pattern sizing is for babies 6-8kg (13-18lb) since Anna was 6kg at her 2 month weight check (yes even my doctor calls her a little buddha!). Well I should have checked pattern review first, because this pattern is HUGE, which the reviewer mentions. So note for anyone else making this for their baby or as a gift, size down for sure. I thought the pattern sizing on women's patterns from the big 4 were way off, but this is crazy - in the photo below the pink stripe pants are size 000 bought from Target that fit perfectly, and the light grey pair are the ones I made that are supposed to be 'small':

In the end, I even had to reduce the new born size a fair bit, tracing off the Target pants to get ones that will actually fit her now, not in years to come..... What I'm extremely embarrassed about though is that I made these pants and top for a friend last year for her baby and if she tried them on her little girl they would be way too big and they must think I'm bonkers or have no idea about babies (which would be right actually!).

Now check this out, my lounge room and dining room have floors thanks to my parents staying at the weekend to help us put the floating floors down:

All that's left to do is put the skirting boards down, paint them and the architraves around the window and get busy decorating with some light fittings, furniture, artwork etc. We're still undecided about the staircase, we may change it for a more modern design but for now it will stay as is.

Outside though is still a complete disaster zone though, with the builder still to remove some rubbish and then some earthworks to be done before we can turf and landscape. But thankfully the builder wil soon be finished his work and will go away, because frankly I never want to see or hear him and his dopey offsiders ever again, they've been hanging around for far too long already.

Of course we still have a mile long list of things to finish off, like painting the outside of the house and garage (eek!), some additional cabinets and new benchtop for our enlarged kitchen, and some more painting in the rest of the house as well as fitting out my sewing studio (which incidentally is at the top of the list!).

Anyway must go and check Anna's nappy - I've become a bit obsessed with her poo habits lately because she hasn't gone for three days which is unlike her so I'm worried she may be constipated. Oh how exciting my life has become.....


  1. About baby sizes, they are so wrong to real life. With Hayley, I used a NB pattern when she was in 6-9 mos RTW, Med Pattern lately and she wears 12 mos RTW.

  2. Very cute pants. At least the ones you made for your friend weren't too small. Bigger is better as they'll eventually use them. She's so adorable. The floor boards look gorgeous too. Oh, you will be talking about baby poo for years to come! Don't stress, babies can not poo for a whole week! Their guts get use to being very resourceful when it comes to getting the nutrients from breastmilk.

  3. "I thought the pattern sizing on women's patterns from the big 4 were way off, but this is crazy"

    Yeah, get use to it. All the Big4 patterns are the same. Most of us use Ottobre Design. Cute patterns and correct sizing.

  4. You have become a "real" mother now talking about poo =)
    The room is looking good and you are almost there!

  5. The house looks great. Love the flooring. My grandaughter still wears a 6 mons pattern and she's 2 1/2 years old. We just add length. Her 3 1/2 year old sister wears a size 1 pattern with size 4 length. Out of my 5 children none of them could wear a pattern with out using a smaller size with added length. Out of 8 grandchildren only one can wear them out of the envelope with no changes. And lets just say he's in no danger of starving to death anytime soon. And your not really a parent until you find yourself discussing baby poo.

  6. The house looks great! My youngest, now almost 3, only pooed once a week when he was your daughter's age, which apparently is very normal. Then it was a HUGE poo! It would make me nervous to be out and about on that 7th day thinking I might be in for a diaper blow-out. Anyway, probably too much information for you. :)

  7. I've had trouble with Simplicity patterns being way off for my 1year old. I emailed Simplicity and they're sending me a free pattern! I posted about it at - it might be worthwhile to comlain to New Look!!!

    About the baby poo- they're all different, but if you're concerned, you can feed a baby who's 6 months old some yogurt. That will introduce the good bacteria to the intestines and help things along. For babies younger than 6 months, YOU get to eat the yogurt - just make sure it has active cultures.

  8. Oh, the joys of "motherhood"!
    Your house is almost there! Yeahhhh for you guys! Bet it will be great to get rid of the builders! But what a joy when it's done! Then it's all your's!
    Anna looks like she is doing wonderful! The little cutie!
    Looks like the dog is doing alright outside the door of the house too.

  9. I love the floor! And I am intrigued by the "wall of windows." Are those louvered windows? How do they work? I was always fascinated by those. They look great and I am sure they would be lovely in warm climates. I live in Texas :)

  10. Hey, nominated you for Sisterhood award on my blog.

  11. I once destroyed a favorite pair of pants for a little pattern out of desperation. Even worse are pj pants for 5 -6 yr olds -don't even ask about the clown legs and butt in some of those.
    The baby is beautiful and the house is coming along nicely.Love the new sewing studio to be. mssewcrazy

  12. Beautiful flooring! That pants pattern is crazy! Goodness, who would have thought they'd make the baby pants so enormous. Anna's little pants are so cute!

  13. *LOL* at the remark about the contractors! I am glad to see that you haven't lost sight of all of your priorities since the sewing room is on the top of the list for items to be completed!!! Can't wait to see pics of it!

    And Miss Anna is looking mighty cute and plump - enjoy her!!!