fabric feasting

Saturday, 28 March 2009
So I have broken my fabric diet in a sort of big way. I haven't bought any fabric at all this year, in fact the last I can remember purchashing some was last October although I have a tendency to push it to the back of my mind so who knows..... Anyway, I say 'sort of' big way because the amount purchased was a lot, but only a little bit is stash bound so it's not so bad really!

First up a few weeks ago the nice people at Spotlight sent me a coupon for $40 off any purchase over $100, and who am I to throw away $40 (just ignore the fact that to save $40 I had to spend $60!). I've been wanting to recover a timber chair and footstool in a nice snuggly fabric for winter because it is currently covered in a heavy cotton, and the fabric I've had my eye on was $30/m, so this voucher was the perfect time to make the purchase. It is a heavy upholstery weight chenille, in an eye popping fuschia pink colour which to my husband's credit he didn't blink an eye when I told him what it was for - he knows better than to question me in a fabric store! Now I just have to get on with making the covers before winter actually gets here.....

The next purchase last weekend was 20m of sheer white cotton voile with a self stripe that I bought, washed, ironed and made into curtains within a week of purchasing it so I don't think it really counts in guilty fabric buys since it was for a useful purpose. Making the curtains has taken me all week because even though they were simple to make because I used that easy peasy ruffle tape at the top, all that ironing, measuring and hemming was a complete bore. But they are done and here's a semi bad photo of them - it is so hard to take a photo in this room because it is so bright!:

The triangle windows above are still unpainted and unwashed at this stage, and coming up with a curtain solution for them has me stumped. I think I will leave them unclothed because they don't really contribute to the glare I was experiencing sitting on the lounge but they still let lots of light pour in. Anyway these curtains are only stage one for this room, for winter I plan to make some heavy drapes to go over the top for warmth and energy efficiency reasons but for now this is all that is needed in this room.

And the final purchases this morning were based purely on cuteness factor and because they were on special:

Some cute cotton prints from Spotlight for only $3/m that are destined to become some little dresses for Anna next year. How long before my stash is made up of cute kids fabrics instead of the dress and suiting fabrics I usually buy? I give it less than a year.....

Well my husband is out painting my soon to be sewing studio, and then some flooring will go down next weekend before I do the monumental task of moving the fabric stash up there. And this afternoon we're off to buy a new lounge suite and floor rug because our new living area is a little bare at the moment. Although little Miss Anna's furniture and things are rapidly filling up the space, but when she looks like this I quickly forgive her:

Have a happy and productive weekend everyone


  1. I have to hand it to you! That's a lot of curtains for alot of windows...and I'm way too lazy to make that many curtains! *LOL*

    Thank you for the Anna shot - she is really gorgeous!

  2. My heavens, is she darling! I love your soft looking windows. Can't wait to see your studio.

  3. Wow - lovely work! And the curtains are nice too ;)

    Anna looks just like you!


  4. Awwww, she has B1 or is it B2? My girls loved them and the teddies. So sweet! BTW, the curtains do not count as fabric purchases at all!

  5. Sweetie, those curtains look like they belong in one of those glossy design magazines. Totally gorgeous! I am in awe.

    And, of course, the little one is a cutie.

  6. Love the curtains and totally love that bright space! Which direction is it? Does it get a bit of morning sun?

    Can't wait to see your sewing studio!

  7. I'm impressed with the curtains. I never got around to the ones I planned and eventually used the fabric for other things. Love those prints for Anna!

  8. You get to the point where it is a real treat to sew for yourself! Time becomes short once bubs starts to move about and every spare sewing moment is usually spent making them something :) enjoy!

  9. The curtains look fab. Great choice. Anna looks so cute sitting there waiting for someone to entertain her!

  10. You busy mommy you! Good job on the sheers. Anna looks like she is trying to be patient. Let's see how old is she now? Is she turning over all over the place?
    Such a cutie! Now I want you to think back.... back b/4 you had her... hard to do isn't it?! Also, life was a whole lot different. Sure nice to have her here isn't it?!

  11. What a gorgeous space! And a gorgeous little girl!

  12. You are amazing. How do you find time to do it all? BTW, you might want to leave those high windows uncovered for star-gazing. My mother lives on an island north of Seattle and has the same fabulous windows. I can't tell you how many nights we've sat with the lights off staring at the moon and stars.