how to instill a love of sewing in the very young

Tuesday, 3 March 2009
By replacing the sound of lullabies and those pesky Wiggles songs with the gentle hum of a sewing machine:

This isn't as bad as it looks, trust me! I haven't completely overtaken my daughter's bedroom just to set up my sewing machines, she has been sleeping in a bassinet beside my bed while we temporarily used her room firstly for the inlaws to sleep in when they were here and then for general storage when our third bedroom (which was being used for storage) had the wall linings replaced. Believe it or not this is the only table in the entire house at the moment, the dining table and all other desks are packed up in storage, but it has turned out to be a good spot to sew because I pop Anna in her cot during the day when she's awake and she generally falls asleep to the sound of my sewing machine.

Hopefully this early exposure will mean she will become a world famous fashion designer with loads of lovely fabric for me to play with! Of course the fashion game will be in between her making oodles of money playing professional golf but only when she's not carrying out brain surgery LOL!

Anyway we are getting so close to finally finishing the house, probably another week or two (fingers crossed that saying that out loud hasn't jinxed the progress). Here's the current status of the house extension:

The inside has been painted, but we are waiting for some faults in the concrete slab surface to be rectified before we can get the timber floors laid. There is some major rubbish removal to happen in the back yard but thankfully that is the job of the builder.

And here is the garage, all that is left to do in the garage is for the plumbing in the laundry to be completed, and a bit of painting inside and out:

That room on top of the garage is going to be my new sewing studio, there'll be room for my machines, a whole wall of shelving for the fabric stash as well as a big cutting table. Doesn't look like much right now, but I'm already planning the decor and I can't wait to get it all set up:

So where has February gone people? Anna is two months old today already! She has just started smiling recently, and she now has tears when she cries too. I'm sure I'll see a few those later this week when she has her immunisation shots, but for now here's a little smile that she has been cranking out lately:

And thank you all for your lovely comments on the skirt, I am still losing the weight quite easily at the moment yay for b/feeding! Although I have started more regularly walking because I still can't get my pre pregnancy pants and skirts past mid thigh so I know that I still have a way to go......


  1. The extension is looking good - especially that sewing room!! Anna is cute as always =)

  2. Kristy - I am sooooo glad that you are getting towards the end of the reno...and it's looking good!

    Miss Anna is looking very adorable too!

  3. Your daughter is absolutely stunning! Isn't it a miracle! I love the smile. My 9 year old DD's smile still stops my heart.

    My husband remembers sleeping to the sound of a sewing machine. I could probably sew in our bedroom & it would make him fall asleep.

  4. Wow... look at all the changes! So glad that it's the builders who get to clean up! When we built our house, we did the clean up as part of the sweat equity! Little Anna is a joy! Funny how things go, I could vaccum under our son's bed (he was the 1st kiddo) and he wouldn't even wake up! It's all in how we train them!
    Yes, before she enters pre-school you will have her hemming your dresses! Just kidding! Don't want people to think that your breaking any child labor laws!
    Your sewing room looks wonderful! Imagine what it will look like with your things in there! Lucky you!

  5. She's beautiful.

  6. Oh, I forgot to ask. The curtins in baby's room, are they same type of fabric that Erin in A Dress A Day is showing on her blog for yesterday? Really cute!

  7. So glad life is good for you, the baby is beautiful and your renovations are coming along nicely. Don't worry about the baby weight, it'll come off before you notice.

  8. Your sewing atelier will be so nice!

    Lovely smile.

  9. Wow, that house renovation is extensive! Bless your patience.

    My mother sewed when I was growing up, so sewing was just a completely natural thing for me to do. I can remember sewing little Christmas ornaments out of felt and thread. I can't believe my mother let me use a needle so early (five or six) but there you go. I was old enough to not eat it. LOL

  10. My last two bubs have slept in a bassinet next to my machine and now the noise at night worries no one.

  11. Oh, Anna is so beautiful! I always sew with Soren sitting close to my machines in a swing.... nonetheless, I'm finding it impossibly hard to find enough time to sew anything significant.

  12. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I've just stumbled upon your blog for the first time and it's totally serendipitous. We're in the adoption process at the moment and everyone I know tells me I won't be able to do a thing once the children finally arrive. You've shown me how very wrong they are and I'm very grateful.

    BTW - Anna is gorgeous and I'm sure she'll be happy snoozing in that fabulous new studio.