viking tunic or BWoF?

Friday, 4 September 2009
I was flicking through the stack of BWoF magazines that are piling up around here unused because I am otherwise occupied with my UFO odyssey, when I came across tunic 121 in the 4/2009 issue:

Looks very much like the viking tunic I made recently for my friend don't you think? I guess fashion really is circular.....

Speaking of the viking tunic, here it is in action:
I've put aside the viking sewing for now, and am concurrently trying to sew curtains for my sewing room, clean my sewing room and work on a UFO or two. I know I should concentrate on one task at a time and that way I would get through things quicker, but sewing tab top curtains and cleaning are sooooo boring!

Thanks for all your suggestions re: Anna biting while nursing. I am trying them all, so far with varying degrees of success. She is such a stubborn little thing! Yes Janine, she does turn her head whilst still attached, and she also squirms, kicks her legs, scratches, pinches and pulls my hair - feeding is certainly not a peaceful magical moment with her. And a second tooth has erupted this week, she has been chowing down on those teething rusks like crazy, although to look at her she looks like she's smoking a cigar:


  1. I just believe how much she's grown

  2. And they say nursing is a "bonding" thing! Well, it is but sometimes, OUCH! My oldest used to wrap his sweaty little fingers in my hair and PULL. That's when I cut my hair and stopped wearing earrings! Oh what we do for our babies. That hair pulling baby - he's now 21!!! Anna's adorable!

    Enjoy the curtain sewing and cleaning.

  3. Might I mention that at this early age you can tell her firmly "NO" when she bites down! She may think that your playing with her when she bites and you react! Does she smile at you after she has done it? Make her release and tell her "NO"... it's taking away what she wants and she will get the idea! It's amazing how smart they are! She will figure it out, and hopefully soon!

  4. Another suggestion (that I just told someone else recently - maybe even you?) is to hug the baby closely to your chest so her nose and mouth are covered. She will automatically open her mouth to breathe and you make a quick boob escape with body parts intact. The less reaction from you the better. Of course it's hard not to scream when you are being chomped by teeth so new the sharp edges are like razors. But if you can get unlatched, put away the breast and just don't say anything about it. She will get the cause and effect thing pretty quickly and by not making a deal out of it, it doesn't become a power struggle. The next time she wants to nurse, do the same thing. Don't withhold the breast if she asks, but certainly take it away immediately if it's not being used in the way it's intended for. If you are consistent, it won't take too long before she understands the rules. The first few times it will seem like you are putting her on and taking her off every 2 minutes. But it's worth it to avoid needing stitches from a toddler attack. I think it also teaches a child a good life lesson - that they need to not do things to people that cause pain - especially biting the breast that feeds her.
    BTW mine would rip handfuls of hair from my head, mangle my glasses, try to stick their feet in my mouth, try to stand on their head while latched etc. basically using me for a jungle gym. The joys of nursing a toddler - you really need to have a sense of humour. But if I picked up a magazine or a book to read they were having none of it. This was their playground not mine and darned if I was going to have any fun on *their* watch LOL!

  5. How long do you breast feed? I didn't do it so I don't know and I'm generally fascinated by this...I wanted to write "abuse" next but I do know that this is politically incorrect and would hate for people to stone me! *LOL*