how to make a messy room even messier.....

Wednesday, 9 September 2009 bringing even more stuff into it. Good stuff though. Useful stuff that I scored at a bargain price so I couldn't possibly pass it by. I went to a garage sale last weekend and this is what I scored for the princely sum of $50:

Nothing too exciting fabric wise, mostly lining fabrics, although included in that stack is 5m of black wool crepe and a supersoft white knit. However the roll of white iron on interfacing and those two monster rolls of cardstock for patterns are totally worth the outlay, that cardstock alone is a good score.

So even though my husband sighed and rolled his eyes when he saw it, I squirrelled it away into my sewing room, you know, out of sight out of mind. I've been diligently cleaning too this week, I'd say I'm about 75% done and then I can take a photo for posterity! I've also done two panels of curtains out of the six I need to do - the windows in my sewing room are very long (one is 6m long alone).

Thanks everyone for chipping in about the breastfeeding and biting problems, the other mums in my mothers group look at me aghast as though I have a psychopath feral child! But it sounds like it's pretty wide spread. I've tried saying no very firmly and in an angry tone of voice, but she gives me a coy little smile which I'm sure I'll see again when she becomes a naughty 2 year old! So then I tried not giving any reaction and instead just detaching her, but then she doesn't seem too bothered at all by that. I tried giving her something else to bite on (a facecloth) but she just started playing with instead. Sigh, so much attitude from one so young!

However, I've noticed that Anna mostly bites during her last feed of the night so I think she's either tired or not enough milk is coming out and that's why she's biting, so by paying attention and unlatching when she stops feeding and before she starts biting seems to have fixed it for now. Carolyn - I did plan to breastfeed for at least 12 months so I can put her straight onto cow's milk rather than try to start bottle feeding formula at this late stage, so hopefully I can last another four months.

Tomorrow I'm heading into my work to sit through a meeting on another restructure to make sure I don't come back to some crazy situation next February. I couldn't rustle up a babysitter so I have to take Anna along, but if it does get boring at least I'll have an excuse to leave ("sorry everyone, the baby needs changing!). At this point in time I'm not too concerned, I know I'll definitely have a job and maybe a change in management would be good.

Anyway I'm hoping to do some shoe shopping tomorrow when I'm in the city, the weather is hotting up around here and I'm thinking of spring outfits plus I haven't bought a new pair all year! In fact I've cleared out about 10 pairs, so I think I'm due some new ones, maybe even ones with (sensible) heels....


  1. I always hated it when the other moms all acted like I had an insane child, and that their behavior was erratic and would never have been done by THEIR angels. Whatever.

    I have two super active kids, one loved to bite me too (and my grandmother said my mother bit her) and the other weaned himself when he began walking at 9 months (too busy to nurse, have walking to do!) They both embarrassed me on a regular basis (and still do, but I am trying to get my own back with being as weird as possible.)

    The other moms used to freak when I whipped out my cloth diapers. They thought I was insane, poverty stricken, dirty, or all three. What a hostile environment!

    Stay true to yourself! Your internet friends are proud of you!

  2. Well, I have two children that I nursed for a year each and both would bite me during nursing. I've spent a lot of time talking about nursing with other moms, because you know that's what we do, and just about everyone I've ever talked with has complained about the biting too. Who are these people that think it's so weird? Do they not breastfeed and so they don't understand? I definitely think that telling her "no" and then taking her off whenever she bites is the best way to get her to stop. Just try not to yelp when it hurts or else she'll think it's a game.

  3. What a great deal on the fabrics.

  4. my baby bit me too. I found that my natural reaction, which was to scream and put him down none too gently in his crib or some other safe place and leave the room, worked pretty well.

    I breast fed him almost two years, but would also give him milk after 1 year. I also gave it to him in a cup or sometimes a sippy cup then I nursed him when he wanted in the evening or morning. I think it helped him even after I started working again that he still nursed. I'm hoping to do the same thing with the little guy I have now.

  5. You do so well with both the op shops and garage sales. I could go to garage sales the length of breadth of NJ and never end up with 2 large rolls of cardstock! So congrats on the finds and are you starting to think about back to work clothes yet because February will be here before you know it!

  6. Is that a roll of tracing paper I see lurking in the background? If so, where in Sydney can I buy such a beast? Good luck with the restructure, I'm ex-public sector so I know what you are going through.

  7. Hmm. Are the other mothers first timers who's babies aren't teething yet? Or are they not breastfeeding? I thought all babies bit!!

    Congrats on making it this far, sounds like Anna is a character!