farewell summer

Sunday 2 March 2008
So here in Australia the end of February spells the end of summer, although this year summer has been rather cold and rainy which is entirely good news for the decade long drought that has plagued Australia and I did get to spend six weeks in south east Asia where it was pretty hot anyway, so I'm not complaining.

Anyway, last year well before summer I had bought some lovely white cotton eyelet with the plans to make a simple summer top out of Simplicity 4589 based on a nice but expensive top I snooped shopped on the Anthropologie site:

And on the weekend before the end of summer I finished it:

This was so quick and simple to make I can't really explain why I didn't make it sooner. I made some modifications to the pattern: I lengthened it and made a self tie belt to reduce the potential for maternity based questions and I lengthened the sleeves a bit because cap sleeves aren't really my favourite look. All in all a really nice look that I may play around with to make a little formal for work such as deleting the puffiness to the sleeves and using a single pleat in the front instead of gathers, or making it more voluminous for when I really do need it for naternity purposes.

And for my work colleagues (who are more than likely 99% of the people who read this blog) finally here is something I haven't worn to work and hence you haven't seen it in real life and a picture that is not in the front yard but in front of the lillie pillies growing beserk in the back yard...

Next up I'm working on some vintage numbers so I can introduce myself over on Sew Retro properly now that I have procured an invitation.

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  1. Hooray!
    You are right - it is nice to see one of your artworks we haven't seen "in the office"! Although, truth be known, all of your creations leave me suitably impressed whether I get to see you modelling them or not!