1980s flashback......

Wednesday 5 March 2008
Continuing the theme from the last post, I made another item of summer style clothing even though it is now the end of summer..... Good timing is rarely my forte.

Anyway, I had bought a piece of roughly textured linen in an electric blue colour from an op shop last year which was quite a small piece and I had considered making a handbag or something small from it, but combined with some blue and white stripe cotton fabric purchased from a garage sale I managed to eke this out of it:

And yes, that is my crazy dalmatian hiding there in the background. Every time I took a photo using the timer he would run into the frame at just the right minute!

The pattern I used is a now OOP Butterick See & Sew 5032 picked up in an op shop as well, which is a pattern for a dress and the little bolero jacket. My version turned out exactly as the pattern envelope with the exception that I added a timber button to the front. I hadn't realised how short the jacket would be, since the pattern photo obviously was taken in the days well before hipster styles were in and waistlines were actually at the waist. No date on the pattern but I'm guessing sometime in the 1980s, which is practically vintage these days given it's 20 years ago now.

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