Refashioning a past creation

Thursday, 20 March 2008
Generally when I refashion an existing garment, and what I think is universally understood in the blogospheres, it usually involves refashioning an existing bought or thrifted outfit/garment, or wearing it with something new and unusual to make up a new outfit.

This time however, I refashioned a pants suit that I made several years ago that although I wore a few times I was never quite happy with it. It looked a little drab and the fit was a bit too big and loose. It’s made from a beige linen with a bit of stretch, and the pattern is McCalls 2126, a longer line Nehru necked jacket with flat front pants. I made an invisible closure using a large hook and eye to give it what I hoped were smooth lines but just ended up looking blah:

After it sat in the cupboard for a few years not being worn, I decided to completely rework it to get some better use. First the jacket: I took the arms off to narrow the shoulders, took it in along the princess seams, and cropped it to the hip line in a curve. I also added a row of tortoiseshell style buttons I picked up from an op shop (what a find to get so many matching buttons at once!). And whilst the armscyce is still a bit too low but can’t be fixed after cutting, overall the fit and look is much improved. Worn here with a cotton dress I made from a Vogue Calvin Klein pattern, and some vintage amber beads, it has a completely new lease of life.

Not to be wasted were the pants: I took off the waistband, took the zipper out and let out all of the seams. Luckily after a wash the previous seam lines almost disappeared. I then sewed up the front seam where the zip was, folded over the waistband to create a channel and inserted a drawstring. Given that the pants were made looser by letting the seams out, I have ended up with a pair of casual linen drawstring pants that are a good hot weather alternative to jeans. Not too fancy mind you, but probably good for fat days.....

So with about two days worth of attention I have managed to create two good outfits out of one mediocre outfit, and the clothes can now justify their space in my overcrowded wardrobe.

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  1. Wow, that's very creative and a great way to recycle.