home dec sewing, what a bore

Saturday, 8 March 2008
My in laws are currently staying with the husband and I for a few weeks, which brought on a flurry of activity before they arrived including cleaning the yard and the house, especially the guest room which had become a bit of a dumping room for washing, ironing and everything else.

One thing I had been meaning to do for such a long time (probably about 5 years since I bought them!) was to recover two vintage timber lounge chairs I bought from an op shop. I like the curved timber arms, and even the green upholstery fabric was likable, however the foam was sagging and the fabric a little worn. But the impending visit from the in laws was enough reason to finally do something with them. So, they went from looking a little forlorn and worse from wear to having a whole new lease on life:

The fabric is a yellow/lime green upholstery weight cotton that I bought a whole roll of in an op shop last year for some ridiculously cheap price. The fabric does wrinkle a little which is evident in the photo, but they are casual chair so I'm not too worried about that. The foam however was ridiculously expensive - about $140 all up!

Anyway sewing was relatively easy, they are just simple box shapes with a zipper at the back, although getting the corners right is a little fussy. I also made matching piping (about 18m of it!) and this project whilst simple was quite time consuming and frankly a little boring. I am happy with the way the project turned out, it has created a little corner under the skylight that is just right for reading the paper.

And of course Oscar the limelight seeking dog couldn't help but get in the way of photos once again:

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  1. yes, home dec sewing is a bore, but it's usually so simple (straight seams and boxy shapes) that it is instant gratification!

    I am looking at our sofa and thinking slipcover right now because summer will be here in the northern hemisphere in another 2.5 months and that heavy brick-colored upholstery just won't do.