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Sunday, 30 March 2008
Sadly nothing new has been completed from my sewing room this week because it turns out that I am part of the 1% of the population who adversely reacts to the flu vaccine, and I have been very sick for most of this week. It just pains me to have several days of uninterrupted time at home that I could have used sewing up a storm, but I was too sick to even get out of bed and watch crappy daytime telly let alone get anywhere near my sewing machine. But I'd say I've caught up on any sleep deficit I may have had, so there is a silver lining to that cloud.

But now it is a sunny Sunday and I am feeling well (just in time for work tomorrow, oh joy!) and the husband and I are heading out to dinner later this afternoon to celebrate my return to the world of the well (and my brother's birthday). However to keep up with my personal goal of blogging at least twice weekly I am going to post about something I made earlier this year. Actually since I've been sewing for eons but only blogging for a few months I do have a lot of older creations that are unphotographed and unheralded, but I may start interspersing them with more recent completions in my posts just to give them their time in the sun too.

I made this sleeveless top from the leftover waffle weave cotton that I used to make the Louis Vuitton inspired suit I blogged about here. The fabric was too pretty to waste, but not quite enough, so paired with some other fabric scraps in black, I morphed this now OOP New Look pattern dress into a top but cutting at the waist and using a shorter zip in the back. Incidentally my mum made this pattern into an ankle length dress made of maroon microfibre with cream straps for my year 10 formal (ie 'prom' in US terminology) way back in 1993. You won't be seeing that photo (even though the dress was finished superbly, yay mum you rock) because it features way too much metal on my teeth, but here's a photo of the pattern instead.

I've worn this top a few times to work, under a black pants suit (purchased RTW, shock horror!) and my favourite black patent heels and it makes me feel very glamourous indeed. In the photo I've worn a chunky black bead necklace that came with last month's InStyle magazine by the designer Claire Aristides - total score for a freebie. But I took it off before I went to work - it felt a little too OTT for my rather staid office, well a little more OTT than usual for me! All in all I'm rather proud of this creation - very thriftily made from offcuts and it totally lifts a plain black suit.


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  2. Sorry I forgot to check spelling on my first comment..... I wanted to say that I really like your top and love the use of the plain black for the straps and facing in order for the shortage of that lovely waffle weave.Plus look forward to see all your creations ...old and new!

  3. Oh wow, a blast from the past. I had that pattern too. I made a very memorable orange madras cotton dress from it. Memorable because the neckline REALLY didn't fit, if the sleeve dropped down half of my torso was exposed! Thank god the only time it happened was in front of my boyfriend.