Loooong term WIP finished! Only 12 years in the making.....

Monday 25 February 2008
I started to sew clothes when I was about 18 - I had just started university and didn't have any money to buy the clothes I wanted and I was also at that experimental stage in terms of image and identity trying to be too cool for school. My mum taught me to sew, and this dress was one of the first things we started together. I clearly remember measuring, cutting out and pinning it on the dressform, and there it stayed for several years even after I had moved out a year later! No reason for not finishing it, I just suppose that it was a style too sophisticated for an 18 year old (ie nowhere to wear that kind of dress).

Fast forward 12 years and I have finally finished it! Ironically it only took a few hours to complete it, and thankfully it still fitted. To liven it up and give it a mod 60s feel I added black piping and some black buttons to the shoulders. Paired with a delightful pair of black and white gingham t-bar heels I recently purchased it made the perfect summer dress to wear to work. And yes this is another early morning shot taken in my front yard on my way to work - my neighbours must think I'm like, so vain to have my photo taken every few mornings in a new outfit!

The pattern is a 1995 now OOP Butterick, and the only modification I made was to make a plain centred zipper back instead of the diamond cut out shape (which I think is actually a little 80s)

So after this little success I am going to try to make some real inroads to the UFO pile and make an extra effort to those WIPs that are in danger of morphing into UFOs (which is actually quite a lot 'cos I quickly lose interest when something stuffs up...... )

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  1. i am very very impressed - beyond words - that you can fit into a dress you started in your teens and after having a baby.