when you've got no clean clothes....

Tuesday 12 October 2010
do you:

(a) stay home and wear your pyjamas while waiting for the clothes to dry;
(b) wear dirty clothes out; or
(c) sew some more clothes?

Answer: (c) of course!

I had a massively busy weekend and didn't get a chance to do any washing. Since Anna seems to be going through about 5 changes of clothes a day, I realised last night that she didn't have any clean pants to wear to day care today. So while I was waiting for her clothes to go through a wash cycle, I made her a new pair of pants. Really, they were so quick to make that I finished them before the washing machine even stopped spinning.

They are just simple pull on pants with an elastic waistband, made from McCalls 9407 which is a pattern for baby sized clothes, but I found if I just made the legs longer the pants fit Anna perfectly because this pattern is for super baggy pants. Plus I didn't get to use this pattern when she actually was a baby, so it's good to get some use out of it now!

Besides being quick and simple to sew, the other good thing is that so little fabric is required to make these! I used a leftover bit of fabric from this dress that I made a while back, it's a wool/lycra blend that is stretchy but not scratchy and looks great in a geek chic kind of way:

And did you spot the pattern matching on the side and front seams in those photos above? I have become a master at it, thanks to all my practice on the stripey jacket I'm (still) making.

Part of our busy weekend included being in this crowd:

Image from here.

having breakfast on this:

image from here

We were lucky enough to win tickets to the Breakfast on the Bridge event, and spent early Sunday morning sitting on a picnic blanket on freshly laid turf eating croissants where normally 6 lanes of traffic would be whizzing by. It was pretty densely packed in, as you might imagine:

which is not how us Aussies like to picnic - we like our space! And then it rained for a short while, and a little person wasn't too happy about it:

and after two short hours we all had to leave so the bridge could be returned to its proper function as a busy roadway:
but it was certainly something different and exciting to be a part of.

I'm travelling to one our rural offices for work tomorrow, so hopefully I can repoort back with some more op shopping finds!


  1. That was such a kewl idea to have a picnic on the bridge and I'm glad you got to be a part of it! Those little pants are really cute and really fast. I made dozens of them over the years and I'm sure you will too!

  2. Being a 'Melbournite' (ie from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) I always wonder about having a breakfast on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The view must be amazing. I always have a laugh about the fake grass though but it would be horrible without it. Pants are ultra stylish on your little girl. Good luck op-shopping!

  3. I love the geek-chic pants. Your daughter is so cute!

  4. Those pants are so cute. A couple of years ago I walked over the bridge. That was fun.

  5. The kids size pull-on pants are such a godsend. They sew up fast and you can use remnants. When my daughter was wee-wee I could even use my old clothes to scratch fabric from, but now that she is five she has grown too tall. Sigh.

  6. She looks ready to go to work in those pants! Good job!

  7. Those pants are so cute! The first thing I noticed was how perfectly the pattern matched at the seams (something I still need more practice with), great job!

  8. Don't those wee pants look cute- I want to sew some for my grandbaby. She is about the same size, and has a doll stroller too.