easy peasy lemon squeezy

Friday 29 October 2010
How cute is this print available for download free at poppytalk:
One of the things I sewed up in last weeks hive of activity was a little dress for Anna from a funky striped pillowcase I bought from an op shop some time ago, which was indeed easy peasy lemon squeezy. Although when I was a kid we used to say easy peasy japenesey (no offence intended to any Japenese readers, it's just how it was in Australia in the 70s/80s!)

Now there are about a bajillion tutorials out there for pillowcase dresses, most pretty much comprise of cutting open and hemming the top and bottom to make a tube, shirring around the bodice and sewing on some straps. Simple! I of course, love my sewing patterns and since Anna is still small enough to cut out a dress pattern from a pillow case, I chose not to go that easy option and instead make a little shift dress for her out of my fast becoming favourite pattern (a mini TNT?) from McCalls 5916. This is one of the few commercial sewing patterns that is almost reasonable in it's sizing, although it is labelled for infants and not toddlers so it would probably be ginormous on a younger child.

I made version A (the yellow version) and made it easier by leaving off the pockets, using bias tape on the sleeves and neckline instead of using a front and back facing, and I didn't even try to match the stripes because there wasn't enough fabric for that (or enough enthusiasm from me to try!). A short machined hem, and invisible zip down the centre back and about an hour later I had a cute little cotton dress:

A dress that is good for wearing whilst stuffing your face with banana evidently! The fabric feels like 100% cotton, which explains the wrinkles, although being strapped into the car seat for the drive to the park certainly contributed as well. But still pretty cute. I do have another one of these pillowcases, maybe I'll make a top for myself too and we can be matchy matchy in a naff way. Or not.

Well after all the sewing I got done last week in my effort for this year's holiday (to Cairns for those who asked, and yes it probably will rain a lot but it will still be hot), I haven't stitched or cut or traced a single thing this week. I thought I was exhausted purely because of the antics of the toddler who doesn't sleep, but it turns out I have tonsillitis. Again. For the fifth time this year. Sigh... I'm so tired and run down that I just don't think my body is recovering properly. I am so looking forward to that holiday, let me tell you!


  1. Oooh I love it. So simple and pretty. She is so cute.

  2. Hello, the dress was precious, Anna is beautiful in it.
    Congratulations on sewing and improvements in health.
    Eilane - Brazil

  3. The little dress looks comfy and cute. My daughter is a little old for a full dress from a pillowcase but you have gotten me thinking about possibly a blouse. Some pillowcases have such pretty edging.

  4. Adorable dress! Diagonal stripes on an A line play dress are definitely not worth matching!! I have a similar pattern that I love as well. I love the idea of bias tape for sleeves and neckline. Must try that next time around.

    I hope your holiday is wonderful, and that you get a chance to rest and recuperate.

  5. Sofie www.sewdarntired.blogger.com29 October 2010 at 23:57

    Hey it's really hard to slow down when you are a mum (especially one who does paid work too!). Rest up and count the days till you get to Cairns.

  6. Anna is so utterly & kissably cute. As is that dress, by the way.

  7. When I look at Anna I want my little girls back. Especially the ability to dress them in pretty little things.

  8. When my daughters were small my illness was bronchitis...got it at least 3x a year - every year until they were like 9 or 10. I think it's what happens to your body when you have so much to do alongwith raising little ones.

    The dress is adorable and so is Anna!

  9. Hope the holiday improves your health. It can'd do any harm, it is a beautiful place. Anna is cute as ever!