Friday, 8 October 2010
Argie asked in the comments to the last post what 'manky' and 'stickybeak' mean - sorry, I forget that although we Australians speak english we do have some crazy sayings that no one else can really understand. And contrary to Hollywood movies we don't generally go around saying alot of things people think we do, like g'day mate, although I do say it sometimes to my husband in jest since he was born and raised in rural Australia and speaks in a very Australian accent, even though he looks Chinese.

Anyway, manky means yucky, generally something pretty gross or horrible. I don't know the origins of it, and I don't know how widespread its use is, but my friends and I use it fairly frequently. But you have to pronounce it correctly, long and drawn out: maaaaaaankeeeeeee. To have a stickybeak means to have a look at something, to be a stickybeak means to be a noseyparker.

And I won't even get into the endless variations of other things: trousers/pants, jumper/pinafore, thongs/flip flops/havianas (if you're pretentious)/jandals (which is my new favourite word thanks to my New Zealander friend Vanessa).

Well spied Carolyn - you've got eyes like a hawk! I am indeed making a white and red pinstripe jacket which makes a change from grey doesn't it? I've seen a lot of RTW jackets lately with horizontal stripes, but silly me picked a raglan sleeved princess seamed jacket so you can imagine how many seams there are to match. So that's why no finished jacket to show you, yet.

But since I don't like posts without pictures, here's a photo of Anna with one of her little friends from my mother's group looking at owls last week at a wildlife park:

Isn't that cute? Those two are inseparable, and when they see each other at daycare they run up to each other for a hug. And this is sewing related since I made her those jeans and that shirt too!


  1. In the Pittsburgh, PA, area, there is a phrase "neb nose." That would be the same as your "sticky beak." People in other parts of USA would hear "neb nose" and say, "Wha...?"

  2. Funny, after reading the comments of Marysews.... I can figure out what "sticky beak" means.... but, "neb nose"? Not so much!!! In the understanding department! LoL..
    That's fine, my kids think that some of the words I use.... I make them up! Off hand I can't think of any at all.... but it's what you grew up with! Oh... how about this one.... "snicklefritz"! Basically it's an endearing term like, cutie pie or sweetie. My dad used to use it a lot. And your picture of the girls is darling! You need to make sure and make a copy for the mom of the other little girl. Always nice to see things like that... especially when your kid is really being a stinker! Guess that's another one! A bother or when they try your patience! LoL... nothing like trying to talk English hmmm?

  3. We use Manky alot here too (U.K) Gorgeous photo of your daughter.

  4. Thanks so much! So interesting -- I like the explanation of how to say manky, too, so I can do it correctly. Perhaps I'll work it into a conversation tonight!

  5. What an adorable picture of Anna! And thanks for confirming my suspicions...sometimes we do have to step away from the gray! ;)

  6. Gosh that is cute. Kids are just so sweet and uninhibited.

  7. As soon as I saw the word manky, I knew you were an Aussie!
    That word gets used alot in my house, especially around my manky kids!
    I'm in Brisbane, not sure if its Australia wide (yet) but its used in QLD & NSW at least!
    Don't know about you, but sometimes we shorten stickybeak, & just go for a 'sticky' at something....
    today we've been driving around the neighbourhood having a sticky at all the flooding, which prevented us from going to school & work (such a shame that!)
    the creek down the road from us was just under road level, & had been over it an hour earlier....
    So much water, to think we had a draught not so long ago.