oh dear.....

Saturday, 11 December 2010
Ever had one of those weeks when practically everything goes a little bit wrong, and all you can do is sigh and say oh dear? That was my week last week.....

Oh dear #1

It turns out the blue polka dot skirt in my last post was too tight across my ample rear end, because on my second wearing of it I heard a little rip and this happened:

It's torn vertically, but right in the centre of the topstitching of the pleats so that was obviously causing too much of a strain. Luckily I was at home when this happened and no one was there to witness my wardrobe malfunction! So, I've already pulled the waistband off and taken the side zipper out, and I'll remake it into a centre back zipper because that rip is right in the middle of the back and is just right for a centre back seam. I'll also gently gather the fullness of the skirt evenly around the waistband, instead of those somewhat unflattering pleats on either side - I don't know why I keep making things that add volume to my wide hips and saddlebag thighs! Hopefully this will also remove the problem of the skirt bunching up between my legs as I walk too.

Oh dear #2

I found out the hard way that leaving a toddler with an almost full tub of nappy cream is disastrous. Anna got hold of a newly opened tub of Sudocream, which is a very thick, white, oil zinc based cream that is good for her little butt, but not so good for her hair, the walls, the floor and especially not the carpet!

We were about to go out for a photo with santa, but instead I spent a good 45 minutes cleaning her, the walls and the carpet (with little success with the carpet unfortunately). What's worse about this situation though is that she did the exact same thing again the very same afternoon with the replacement tub of cream I bought, only to a lesser extent since I decided to check up on her because she was being too quiet!

And the photo with Santa was disastrous, involving lots of tears, running away, no smiling and in the end we got a photo with me and Anna and Santa.

Oh dear #3

I did about a bajillion loads of washing this week since we finally had some great hot and sunny weather. Sadly, this knit top that is my bestest ever effort in sewing with knit fabric:

went through the washing machine accidentally and shrunk so much that it would now probably fit Anna. Except for the neckline and hem that I so carefully stabilised before sewing - they stayed the same size and are still perfectly straight with no waviness! The fabric did felt up nicely though, so I'll chuck this in the refashion pile and make Anna a cardigan next winter instead.

Oh dear #4

Remember this bed I sewed for my dog, which is stuffed with fabric scraps:

well that lasted about three days before the dog tore it apart and it looked like there had been an explosion of the fabric kind in his bed:

(Don't get alarmed, we don't lock him in a cage, that's actually a collapsible travel crate that he's had since a pup and he loves to sleep in there.)

Well I finally got around to sewing up a second one, this time from some sturdy upholstery fabric and some more fabric scraps. It lasted a few weeks this time, but he dragged out into the yard and tore it open so now our entire backyard is covered in fabric scraps. Good husband was not amused picking them all up before he mow his beloved grass.....

But to finish on a good note, I made a pretty awesome dress for myself and successfully made my first item from those Japanese sewing books I bought recently. I hope of all you have had week that made you say oh yeah! instead of oh dear....


  1. Tip to remove zinc oxide creams..... palmolive dish washing liquid (make sure it's the non moisturising one)white vinegar, and hot water (as hot as possible.

    Rub a little dishwashing liquid on the stain, then pour vinegar over, this will displace and then wash in the hottest water you can (up to 80 deg) add a little bi-carb soda if need be to remove the excess dish washing liquid.

    This works - don't ask - had a similar experience

  2. Oh dear - what a mess...
    Things like this happen all the time. And sometimes they tend to happen altogether...
    Maybe all disasters avoid your home for the next six month because your portion is done ;)
    *who knows this kind of a mess really well*

  3. Too much - I hope that's it for you! We've never had sudocream on the walls but my 3 yo dd thinks glue on the walls is sensible - so she can stick pictures up, of course.

  4. I can't help with the zinc oxide or the shrinkage but can offer up dog advice(daughter is a vet and there have been lots of dogs through the years). Get a scrap of carpet or a discarded rug and cut to fit the tray. I also put one under the crate for warmth and less sound. We don't lock up either but they do get into the crates at times. They don't tear up the carpet or even old blankets and make as big a mess as filled beds. A wood shipping pallet with carpet or area rug stretched over also makes a good bed for an outside nap in the garage or back porch and gets them off the concrete. The big dogs usually stop a lot of the chewing destruction around two years old. We give lots of chewies and tough toys in the meanwhile. Your little one is really growing-she is the same age as one of my grandsons. Hugs, mssewcrazy

  5. Ouch! what a week. Suggest putting everything high up out of reach of toddler and using something more solid like dense foam or a folded up old woolen blanket to stuff the dogs bed. At least you are laughing about it :-)

  6. For the dog bed try a fabric called cordura--dogs can not tear this one! Their teeth slide off of it--I know this as fact since my two dobermans have never torn this stuff. Kid proofing and dog proofing a home can be a challenge. I know this from experience too but one of dogs seems to find some little item I forgot to move out of her reach.

    This week a beany baby kitten was destroyed--I came home to find tiny white beads everywhere! It was obvious only the one dog was involved when I poop scooped.

    Oh, and my dogs will eat a carpet scrap too so I am not sure about the previous advice on lining the crate from Anonyous. Depends on the dog I expect.

  7. You have had quite a week. But you had me in stitches about Anna and the cream (who is growing like a weed and quite nicely) and the dog and his beds. Cheers!

  8. Since I'm past all this, I know how you feel, but it also makes me laugh (sorry).
    I hope the next week will be better!

  9. I'm sorry you've had such a week, but thanks for giving me a good laugh! The worst that my 2 year old has done so far is to dump out an entire bottle of sanitizer on the floor. I'm sure he's just building up to bigger & better things.

  10. That's a lot of oh dears! There's alot happening at your house now isn't there! :)

    Glad you had an oh yeah too and can't wait to see it!

  11. Oh dear, indeed! Hopefully you've used up your annual allotment of "oh dear" moments for 2011 and it will be all smooth sailing for the next 12 months! ;)

  12. I have had the diaper cream incidents before, with the oldest child especially, when she was a tot. She coated a barstool in it, out it went. The later kids tried it, too and it got on the carpet. I think shampooing the carpets with the hot water, shampoo solution and oxyclean spray got it out. I never thought about palmolive and vinegar. I hope it gets better - I have those weeks all the time.

  13. Oh Dear, (or stronger words ;), is right!

    Your dog bed was terrific and a great use of fabric scraps for stuffing. You know the dog had great fun tearing the things up and thinks you are just the bomb for delighting him with these two huge toys!

    Such is the mindset of dogs. I used to make cute little neck scarves for my jack russell, who would on first opportunity rub them off in some secret location known only to her. Sigh . . .

  14. Where's the picture of you (and Anna) with Santa? And what did you wish for?

    It's all just a part of the deal. Remember all this as blackmail fodder, for when she's older, and dating.

  15. Oh dear indeed. Here's wishing you an "oh Yeah" weekend!

  16. My daughter did the exact same prank with Desitin, the American equivalent to nappy cream. All you can do is take a photo and laugh after you stop swearing/crying.
    That daughter grew into an alarmingly intelligent student. I expect Anna is a very smart and self motivated little girl.

  17. Oh, my! Perhaps things can only get better now ...

  18. I think that when we put the time into making things for ourselves and our homes, and they don't quite work out or get damaged, it makes it all feel so much worse. But when things do work out, it is sensational. It's the ups and downs of sewing for yourself isn't it! Looking forward to seeing the dress and the Japanese sewing book outfit.

  19. Little Anna is creative, just like mum!

  20. Oh dear. With series like this, I think you should consider staying in bed a few days, with the blanket pulled over your head.
    The dog bed was predictable, never mind that. But the zinc oxide.. I'm amazed you managed to get it out of her hair without needing a major cut :-).
    Better luck for the new year ;-)..

  21. I've often had my boy play with the sudocrem and it's awful. I've learned (the hard way) that I can't leave my kids to their own devices so I have a gate that blocks them from the lounge/kitchen to the rest of the house. Less mess for me to clean up later although they still manage!

  22. My Dog did the same thing to my darling bed I made her, so sad! Why don't they know what's special!?

    My Husbie said (of the scraps all over the backyard - in the tree?) 'Why did you have to use tiny scraps for?'...

    I hope it all turns into a ying and yang for you... perhaps all the delightful things are right around the corner!

  23. Not sure if you've found a solution to your nappy cream incident. But I recently spilled make-up foundation on carpet, and I found that rubbing alcohol got it out. The alcohol seemed to break down the oil and it lifted right out.

  24. what is it with Sudocreme? My two children and my sisters two have both gone to town with new tubs of the stuff. Ours was all over bedding and wooden floors and little people. Will note that tip for next time (I realise if I was smart there wouldnt be a next time but you know what happens when you are sleep deprived you leave the tub too close to the edge and hey presto its a painting party)