bye bye UFOs.....

Saturday 4 December 2010
The weather has been very gloomy and dull around these parts, and it's already been declared on the six o'clock news that this will be our wettest summer ever - yes it's that serious that it made the evening news! It's a total disaster for most Sydneysiders, who like to wear summer clothes and thongs (jandals/flip flops/havianas) and hang out at the beach pretty much all year round. Not this Sydneysider though, I quite like a bit of rain. I only mention the weather because waiting for the sunshine means that I now have quite the backlog of projects to photograph before I can do a show and tell here on this blog. I was so industrious last week I pretty much made a new garment each night (soon I'll be able to prove it to you).

But I did manage to photograph a new outfit I made for Anna to wear to her daycare christmas concert that was on this morning. The children had to wear a yellow top or dress to be bumblebees in one song, and not having any yellow garments at all, I made her a yellow top on Monday night:

This is Kwik Sew 3665 again, the same pattern I used for the black and white gingham shirt I made a few posts ago. I'm not exaggerating when I say it took at most an hour and a half to cut out, sew and finish this shirt - it's that simple. Because it's raglan sleeved there's no need for fiddly easing of the shoulder cap, and the elasticised neckline means the head opening is really wide so there's no danger of it being too small to fit over one's head (which has happened to me previously!).

In fact this top probably took longer than necessary to make, because I refashioned this out of a UFO that I realised I was never going to finish, which meant there was a bit of unpicking going on before I could cut it out. I used this shapeless and too short shirt that I made years ago from a yellow polka dot cotton:

Are you thinking it doesn't look too bad? Well aside from it being shapeless on me, that collar isn't meant to be a notched collar, it just turned out that the collar was too short for the neck opening and I tried to fix it in a 'sewing fail' kind of way.

Turns out that a bit of topstitching in this case couldn't save the day. But happily there is now one less resident in the UFO box and Anna has something new to wear - double yay for productivity and recycling.

But wait, there's more! Anna needed something to wear with her new top, and since grey and yellow is my favourite colour combination, on Thursday night I made her a pair of simple elastic waist pants for Anna from pair of grey linen pants that were also residing in my UFO box. These pants were unsalvageable due to being too tight around my hip area and generally poorly fitted, even though I let out all the seam allowances as far as they could go.

So it's bye bye to two UFOs, hello new outfit perfect for striking sassy poses:

But in case you think she looks adorable and a little angel, check out this similarity:

Trust me, she gets so cranky sometimes I am very glad that she doesn't have pyrokinetic powers!


  1. LOL at the last couple of pictures ;)

    Since you were positive you weren't going to revive this blouse, it was a great idea to recycle the fabric into a new project. Anna's outfit is super cute and yes, she is adorable ;)

  2. oh I laughed at your comparison. You are a funny lady.

    BTW do you shop at the remnant warehouse in Alexandria or in Marrickville? I know you have a massive stash but is it all op shops?
    Just a curious innerwester (westerner?)

  3. She's adorable - even as psycho Drew Barrymore! I love those peasant tops - I'm actually working on one for Myra right now.

  4. That shirt is adorable and her poses are too!

  5. LOL your Anna comments. I think she needs a brother or sister. Two kids are actually easier than one. Seriously.

  6. Terrific refashioning! It is nice that little ones are so tiny that you can make a kid blouse out of a disappointing adult one.

  7. She is SO super cute in her new little outfit. Congratulations for getting rid of two UFO's.

  8. This blog made me smile and laugh! Great use and color combo. I really like your Drew Barrymore/Anna reference. Your daughter is so cute and I love all the clothes you make for her!

  9. Great recycling - love the 'strike a pose'!

  10. Ahahaha to the Firestarter reference. I know too well how a perfectly sweet looking child can be a world of trouble sometimes ;o)
    I love her little outfit especially the pants. And thanks for the idea of using some of my failures to make something successful for them!

  11. You are sooo funny! Just remember..
    that other little one was being well paid for "her" preformance!!
    LoL.... Not getting any idea's are we?
    Good for you getting rid of 2 for 1!
    Nothing like getting rid of a couple UFO's... to make a gal feel like she has accomplished something worthwild!

  12. Look at the little lady! She's a real model! And she's adorable :-)