this waiting is driving me nutso

Wednesday 31 December 2008
Thank you all for your reassuring comments and well wishes, I think you're all as excited as I am at this point in time! Well, I've waited patiently for nine months, but these last 6 days have been abominable...... I feel like I'm in limbo, I don't want to start a new project or venture too far from home in case things start happening, but I'm going stir crazy just sitting around - especially since my husband keeps asking incessantly 'are you feeling anything yet?'. Yeah, I feel like kicking you in the pants next time you ask that!

I saw my ob this morning, baby's heartbeat is fine, there is still plenty of fluid in there, baby is head and face down and I am 1cm dilated. Which means it's started but by no means in full swing, especially as I haven't felt any contractions, pain or other symptoms. I'll be induced on Monday if this litle one doesn't come before then. bag is packed and ready to go (since christmas morning actually)......

......the baby's room is ready, well almost finished since the new window frame needs painting, I need to get a table and lamp to put next to the chair for breastfeeding and I want to hang a mobile over the change table but I doubt the baby will notice any of that:

even Oscar has been bathed and is patiently waiting to see what is going to go in the cot:

and the baby? well the naughty little monkey is still firmly inside, and my belly is bigger than I ever imagined it could get:

Although at the clinic this morning I saw many women who were waaaaay bigger than I am, so I shouldn't really complain. But I must be off to drink more raspberry leaf tea, do some power walking/waddling, have a hot curry for dinner, make my husband press the pressure points in my feet and do whatever other wacky things I can turn up on the internets in an attempt to avoid an induction on Monday.

Hope you all have a happy, exciting and safe New Year's Eve, and that your new year's day isn't too painful! And to all American readers, why aren't the parties in LA 'hot' enough for Paris Hilton to stay there? I'm sick of hearing about her on the radio, the tv news and the newspaper, surely there is more interesting things happening in the world other than what Paris is doing?


  1. You will think I sound like Pollyanna BUT .... enjoy the last of the incredible intimacy of the baby inside. There are wonderful moments of love ahead, but this stage is for you two alone.
    Expect very little of yourself and even less of the baby and enjoy the 'now' of it all. Take the best care!

  2. I will tell you this: shortly after the baby is out you will be able to sleep on your stomach and back again and you will be able to turn over in bed without a major production!
    Of course, the flip side to that is that the little monkey will be waking you up every few hours for many moons to come.

    Get plenty of rest!
    Peace to you,

  3. I'm told that having sex can help bring things along!! I think it would be the last thing I'd be wanting in this heat and in your condition ;)

    Perhaps baby is waiting to be the first baby of the new year! I'm thinking good thoughts for you tonight :D


  4. I just wanted to let you know that I was induced for two out of three babies, and as long as they start the epidural at the same time, life is grand!! No pain, no being angry or upset or sick or anything!! The worst part is that there's nothing to distract you from feeling hungry. And the nurses won't give you food at our hospital until after you've delivered. (And if you hit it like me, you go into the hospital during lunch, get induced and have the baby during supper - meaning hubby has to visit a fast food place to get you food!!!!)

    Best wishes!!

  5. Hi Kristy. I was 5 days late with my fist, two whole weeks with the second. I feel your pain! Tried the curry, walking, sex, to get things going, and both started naturally (although not sure what started them!) - the second literally during the night as I was about to go in for induction. All the best for it - it WILL happen!

  6. So a 2009 baby? That's nice - and a bit further away from Christmas. The room looks fabulous. Lucky baby! I am glad Paris has moved from Melbourne - why do the media bother to even mention her!?

  7. What a great room you guys have put together. Puppy is so cute too. The waiting would drive me up the wall too!

  8. The baby's room is delightful - I love the colour scheme - very soothing. Oscar is adorable as usual!

  9. About PH - we exported her so that we wouldn't have to hear all that nonsense! *LOL* We like to share!

    Okay my very last suggestion - works!

    Here's hoping that you are a Mommy very, very soon!

  10. Best wishes from an American friend.
    Oh, and take Paris, we're sick of her!

  11. Please do keep Paris!!! With all that is going on in the world how does she manage to attract sooooo much press attention? I simply do not understand that one. PLEASE keep her down under for as long as you can. THANKS!

    My first was a C-section, second was almost induced but decided to start life on his own. The third was so darn stubborn that he was finally induced when he was 2 weeks late. In the end, it all works. My recommendation...get the epidural!

    Good luck & enjoy this time.


  12. You know if you ask me... Paris ought to go to Paris!!!! Then she would be out of both of our hair's! They can have her! I'm thinking there will always be better things to think about and do then hear about PH!
    The room is cute! The color is really refreshing! Baby will be here in his/her own sweet time... won't be long and you will know who really is the boss! Puppy will learn too! I made the mistake of trying to induce myself... by walking stairs! Urghhh! Mostly I just wore myself out so much that I was miserablly tired when the time came later that night! Just try to distract yourself! Get busy on one of those projects you want to do... who knows... maybe in the middle of it baby will want to make an appearance!
    We are excited for you... this baby will have a ton of Aunts... from all over the world!
    Tell hubby he needs to relax too... Oh, do you have a bassinet or something for the first little while in the bedroom??? They really save steps and a lot of times you don't feel like getting up and walking all the way to another room the first week or so.
    Just a thought!
    Happy New Year!
    Good Luck!

  13. Remember that pregnancy, labor and delivery are all finite--they do end one way or another! It's just that on this side of it, it does seem to take forever.

    Your baby's new room is delightful and your dog is awesome.

    Keeping you and your new adventure in my thoughts. Soon dear, soon it will be over and you will be on to that parenting thing.

  14. I feel for you - I was 4 days overdue and it felt like 4 years. You may feel like a big fat blob but you look great - still slim in the face and arms with a cute looking baby bump. Good luck for the birth - its true that its painful but I remember both of my births as being the 2 best times of my life and I'm sure you will too.

  15. Well here's to hoping your little one makes their appearance soon! Maybe send the baby an eviction notice? LOL. And I really don't mind if you guys could keep Paris Hilton...or at least if she could get lost on her way back here to the states!

  16. Wishing you the healthiest, easiest, and quickest delivery. Love the color of the nursery and your black & white four-legged nanny looks great in there. Can't wait to see pictures of the baby boy too!

  17. De-lurking from California, but hoping not to freak you out. Did you have an ultrasound to confirm that the baby is head down? At my 41-week visit, my OB told me the baby was head down and ready to go, until she did an ultrasound and saw she was breach! C-sec the next day. All was well, and she is now a happy (if loud) six-year old.

    If you are willing to take advice from a stranger, here it is: make time for your husband, and for sewing!

    Best of luck.