First UFO of the year done!

Friday 2 January 2009
Well I'm still waiting for the little UFO comfortably gestating in my womb to come out - but have booked an induction for 7am Monday so there is a deadline in sight at least. To keep busy I've been cleaning the house, walking around a lot and taking Jean's advice, I decided to get cracking on my UFO list. Most of the UFOs have been shipped out of sight to my parents house along with some of my fabric stash for temporary storage, but I did manage to get my hands on this jacket that I started about 3 years ago and I finished it this afternoon which just goes to show how shamefully lazy I have been in finishing this since I could finish it in a few hours whilst heavily pregnant!

Anyway it is a very simple princess seamed jacket, made from a 1972 vintage Simplicity pattern - I didn't make the dress though, I like the inverted pleat on the front but that bow at the neckline is a bit too frou frou for me. The jacket is made from a home dec fabric, a textured silk/cotton mix in a berry purple colour and lined with some Bemsilk lining. From memory I originally made this to wear to a cocktail party with a simple LBD, but didn't finish it in time and with no specific reason once the event was over I just let it go into the UFO black hole. But now I remember why I didn't finish it in time - the sleeve cap was an absolute pain to ease in and took several goes to get it right. I eventually managed to get a smooth finish to the fabric, but the lining is puckered like no tomorrow but since it can't really be seen I'm going to leave it like that.

This doesn't fit me in anyway at the moment, since my waist and bust measurements have increased substantially and even the sleeves feel too tight so I guess my arms have fattened up a little which is actually good because it means the extra 20kg I'm carrying isn't all on my butt and thighs! So I'm hoping that I got my measurements right when I cut out the fabric and that eventually I'll go back to that weight so I can wear this. For that reason here is a lame coathanger shot:

I think it may need some embellishment to liven it up but it is a matter of finding the right one. At the moment I'm swaying between either some silver ribbon or braid which would give it a dressier look, or some fun pale yellow ric-rac which goes well with the purple colour but would make it a more casual style which I'm not sure the silk/cotton fabric is suited for.

Hmmmm, decisions, decisions - technically this is finished so I'll leave it until I have a light bulb moment! Unless some of you queens of embellishment can up with some brilliant suggestions (yeah I'm talking to you Carolyn!)

And I have kept another of my NYE resolutions: I had to go into Spotlight to get some zippers and shoulder pads today and I walked straight past the fabric section without looking or buying anything! I could see the big yellow sale signs above several tables out of the corner of my eye, but I held my resolve and got what I needed without breaking my fabric diet. Ahhhh, the first few weeks of the year when we all do so well with keeping our well intentioned resolutions, there's nothing like it is there?

So apart from finishing this I am heeding all of your wisdom and enjoying the last few days of peace and quiet around here. Things like enjoying a cup of tea and reading the entire newspaper, shopping without tantrums and eating sugary preservative filled food that I will try to limit when I have small children in the house! My husband is having a grand time too, he's been out on the golf course nearly every day of this week although I'm not sure how relaxing that is for him (depends on his score I think).


  1. Good work on completing the UFO. I think a sparkly brooch would look fabo!

  2. i would leave the jacket as it is. It is glamourous in itself.
    Regarding the other alien UFO (:-)), I check your blog eagerly every morning... Make sure your husband tell us when this UFO has made her appearance :-)

  3. Well since you asked my advice...*smile*...I don't really like either piece of trim that you've proposed! I do, however, love Vicki's idea of one sparkly brooch...preferably a large, vintagey looking would add sparkle to the jacket yet give it versatility.

  4. I was also going to suggest a brooch or flower or something too.

  5. I think a sparkly brooch or an elegant frog closure would be pretty. It is a beautiful jacket and once the little love gets here you will be able to wear it in no time! Mary

  6. I'm with the rest... let the jacket makes it's own statment! Although, if I do say so myself... I'm thinking that the dress would be really cute with it! Don't put the tye on it if you don't like it! Cute fabric! If you make a dress that is black, or maybe another solid that would go, the jacket would still be piesta' resistant (sorry the spelling is one thing that goes when I'm hungry! That's my story, and I sticking to it!)

  7. I agree with the others. A removable embellishment may make this more wearable. Janine

  8. Great jacket - ditto the above comments about a brooch.

  9. I like the jacket the way it is too.

    Look forward to hearing a baby announcement soon. The nursery looks great!

  10. I love your finished UFO.. It is just perfect the way it is, but as most everyone else has stated a vintage broach would be beautiful too.

    I too, have been checking every day to see if your little UFO has made an appearance. :):):) Glad to hear that you are relaxing and enjoying your free time before the little one arrives.


    ps.. your baby room colors are beautiful and so relaxing.. thanks for sharing...

  11. Happy New Year! And good luck on Monday!