still no baby....

Wednesday, 10 December 2008
unfortunately all your predictions that my spurt of cleaning last week meant birth was impending didn't come to fruition, and the baby is still firmly ensconced on the inside. I saw my doc today who told me the baby is engaged, but is only at station 4 out of 5 - ie it's head is only just in my pelvis. Given that yesterday I did hours of (light) lifting and moving things out of our garden shed to stash throughout the house and under the house so the backyard can be further excavated and that didn't bring on early labour, I'm pretty sure I'll go full term. Oh well, I'll have this baby for the rest of my life, so I should cherish the last two weeks of just being me....

No sewing this week except for making more covers for the dog's bed out of an old doona cover, made just like giant pillowcases. I have been doing heaps of cleaning again, not due to any nesting instinct but out of pure necessity this time. We've had new windows installed in all the rooms of our house which created so much dust and plaster not just around the windows but in the whole room, I guess all that hammering loosens any dust in the ceiling and it all falls down. The new windows are great, they don't rattle like the old timber ones and are much easier to open, but this is what they now look like from the inside:

And from the outside:

The house is supposed to be reclad in new weatherboards this Friday but with heavy rain forecast its doubtful. And who knows when the lazy builders will come back and fix up the inside walls around the new windows? We may do the baby's room ourselves just so it is finished in time for the little monkey to come home. That picture above is a sneak peek of the baby's room in progress - yes the green is a very strong and deep colour, all I can say is that sample pots are sold for a reason!


  1. That green looks close to the green we painted Sofie's room. I made white and green flowered curtains and doona cover to match. The room has since been changed to pink! And now she want something else...
    Now, in case you do deliver before we hear from you again.. here's sending you good vibes for a speedy and safe delivery :)

  2. Hang in there. Hope all goes well. And I love green walls--very relaxing!

  3. Now is the time to have that candle light dinner with the DH. He will soon start to feel left out. With the baby so close, this will be one of the last times that the two of you will be just a couple and can enjoy each other without having to worry about a sitter or the baby.


  4. I did the same thing; I cleaned and did house projects right until the last day. Hope everything goes well. We just had our windowns replaced so my windows look a lot like yours right now.

  5. I don't know where to start first...*sigh* Okay, you do realize the baby is coming right...and probably NOT when you think! *LOL*

    The little pots thing made me laugh out loud! How can we all be so good at picking fabric/colors/patterns but have such a hard time picking paint...cause this happens to me all of the time too!

    Finally the windows are beautiful and when the house is finished and you have the additional space and everything is back in place you will forget all about this horrid little interlude...sorta like labor!

    Keep us posted!!!

  6. Hmmmm, this too shall come to pass! Like Carolyn said... it will happen!
    I really do like the green though! Makes me think of Oregon/Washington where I grew up! Lots of green!
    Your windows look great! We are looking into getting new windows also... and new siding. Our house is close to 22 years old now so it's about time to be replacing some stuff.
    Hang in there... baby will come whether your ready or not!
    Take care... keeping you in my thoughts!

  7. That green matches what's in DS#2's room - previously the guest bedroom. WOuldn't you know that DS#1 likes green and DS#2 that is in older brother's room?

  8. Ah, but perhaps all of that movement has helped pop the baby out right now!

    I have really enjoyed your blog as I am 7 months pregnant and have been inspired by what a nice dresser you and your absolute cleverness as far as making your own pregnancy clothes!

    Hope you are getting good sleep!

  9. Ha! Because we are doing most of it ourselves, our windows look like that for months on end. :o) Once the wind is no longer whistling around the gaps around them, we tend to lose motivation to do all the tedious finish work. No worries, it's just cosmetic (at least once you get the outsides sealed - that probably should not wait).

    Word verification: audine - possibly a suggestion for a baby name? I can imagine you screeching it at a 14-year-old girl: "Au-DEEN ma-RIE!! Didn't I tell you to get off that phone and do your homework? I meant NOW, not later!"