secret santa sewing (and house pictures for you Jenny!)

Monday 15 December 2008
I realised today that Christmas is only 10 days away (how could I forget that?) so this morning I headed off nice and early to the shops to get my chrissy shopping over and done with in one foul swoop. But since I'm the crafty and frugal type, in addition to making a baby this christmas I'm also making some christmas presents but these aren't very good blog fodder since the people the presents are for read this blog so I can't post them!

But I can share some early chrissie presents I bought myself, although not overly exciting - sensible shoes! It has been quite some while since I bought shoes, and who knows how long since I bought flat shoes, but today I bought two pairs conceding to my current state (ie blimp like) and future requirements for outfits during the next year as a stay at home mum. Plus I have the biggest blisters on my heels from walking around in the heat on Sunday even though I was wearing what were formerly quite loose fitting ballet flats! Yes, my feet have swollen a little, and my fingers are little sausages, so much so that I've put my wedding rings in the safe 'cos it's gonna be a while since I'll be able to get them back on! So here they are: a pair of dark brown slip on sandals and a funky pair of red canvas shoes that remind me of my converse wearing university days (although these were a bargain at $11 from Kmart):

Well we had our first medical emergency on the weekend, albeit with the fur baby which is probably good practice for the real kid because I'm sure we'll have a few tears and accidents in the years to come. Somehow the dog managed to slice his ear right where a vein is, but he didn't cry and I didn't realise until I saw blood spattered on the walls and pooling on the floor! After an emergency dash to the vets who cleaned him up and wrapped his ear in a bandage, he was given a sedative so that he would sleep for a few hours instead of trying to get the bandage off. And now the big sook is walking around with his head on the side and he even jumped up on my bed to have a sleep when I was in the shower, which he's not allowed to do and has never tried before so I think he's really trying for the sympathy attention! Well what about me scrubbing blood off the walls and floor, or my husband cleaning it out of the car and off the newly installed baby capsule? Here he is, looking sorry and still quite bloody, including blood stains all over the mat covers I sewed for him just last week:

And just for my friend Jenny who ordered me on the weekend to post some photos of the building works, here is where we are up to now (I have been trying to ignore it because it is annoying me). First up the extension to the house which will eventually be a big open plan living and dining room with a very high cathedral ceiling: the framework is done, the roof is on and we are waiting for windows, sliding door and wall cladding to go on this week according to the builder (yeah right!)

Here's the garage: downstairs is room for two cars, a bathroom/laundry and a workshop area, and upstairs is my sewing studio/home office, which will be gloriously light and airy and spacious with plenty of room for my stash to accumulate even more!
Yes the backyard is still a complete disaster zone, but doesn't our dwarf flowering eucalypt look great? It's been in the ground for five years and never flowered, but somehow it has managed to bloom despite the builders breaking off branches and leaving building materials all around it. According to our original building schedule, all works should have finished last week and we should be happily painting, decorating and landscaping but that is all going to have to wait until next year now...

Hope everyone had a good weekend and for those who are making their christmas presents remember only 10 days to go! Better get your skates on....


  1. I hope your pup is feeling better very soon: poor baby!!
    Great shoes!!

  2. Poor little pup! But, just like kids, and husbands... they learn quickly how to milk it all! Hope he is better soon!
    The house is moving along! I know, your probably thinking... will this ever end??? It will! Hang in there! Hope that your swelling gives way to baby really soon! Does the dr. say anything about how your doing?
    I'm with you... lots to finish and to start for that matter!
    Hopefully I will get everything into the mail in the next day or so!
    10 days.... I guess it will come ready or not!

  3. Aww, the pup looks precious!

    Maybe having the baby around will guilt the construction crew more and they will work faster once the babe is actually home. Won't be long now!

  4. Ooh, your poor doggie! And your poor feet! (It had to happen, right?)

  5. Nice shoes! And thanks for the house photos (sorry I looked at them too). Is one part (the garage?) at the front of the house and the other at the back? It looks like a very narrow block. Hope pup is feeling better soon.

  6. Poor baby (the dog, not you:)). At least you can see what the house is going to look like now.