Jumping on the Bloglovin' train

Monday 25 March 2013
Well it seems my post on spam has hit a note with many of you and we're all suffering from those pointless and annoying comments.  I did consider not allowing anonymous comments, but I decided not to because I do often get valuable comments from legitimate readers who post as anonymous (usually with their name in the comments) because they don't have a blog or a google account.  I will look into alternatives, but for now unfortunately Captcha it is.

In another piece of housekeeping I've signed up to bloglovin' so you can follow my blog that way if you like.  I'd been dragging my feet hoping that Google would reconsider, but after an email from the lovely Ruth in Alaska who wanted to know what I was planning I decided to jump on the bandwagon with a lot of other people and have chosen bloglovin' as the alternative to Google Reader.

And I'm also on Pinterest if you'd like to follow me and my random, eclectic pins. Don't worry though, I can't be bothered with Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram or all those other media platforms - I think this blog is more than enough of my thoughts!  I do love Pinterest though, so many good ideas but so little time.  It's where I saw this beautiful painting by the artist Kathryn Trotter, and discovered she has a whole range of fashion inspired pieces - I can see a home for one or two of these in my future sewing room.

Dancing in the Rain 2 by Kathryn Trotter via pinterest


  1. I've been using Pinterest lately for my sewing pattern wishlist. They look so pretty sitting there!

  2. I'm trying to avoid that bloglovin thing... I don't know anything about it and I don't have time at the moment (that's why I'm reading blogs..oops).. I cannot even think about Pininterest as I know that I would go into that vortex and I just can't for now.
    That painting is beautiful however.. really lovely! Hope to see pictures of it in your sewing room!

  3. FWIW, you don't need to "join" bloglovin to be followed on it. For example, I follow Summer Flies's blog Sew Darn Tired on bloglovin. You just copy the blog's url and search for it on bloglovin and bloglovin finds it and adds it to your list.

  4. I read my blogs via my blogroll which suits me, just hope my ignorance doesn't bite me later. Love Pinterest, have an account also but ghee it can waste some time. Great day last Saturday glad you enjoyed it.

  5. That is a seriously gorgeous painting - love it!