Hmmm, interesting!

Tuesday 4 December 2012
Last weekend I was reading an article in the free magazine that comes with the Sunday Telegraph newspaper about women and their finances at various life stages, when this picture that accompanied the article struck me as very familiar:

Clearly I have a strong memory for remembering the unnecessary, because when I pulled out the Burda magazine from September in 2009 (back in the good old days when it was BWOF) I discovered it is from the same photo shoot as used in the magazine for dress #112:

Maybe this explains why the photos in Burda magazine are sometimes more artistic and over the top stylistic than useful for seeing the detail of the clothing - because they are destined to be in magazines other than just a sewing magazine!

Thanks to all those who left a lovely comment about my stripey dress in the last post.

Gail - your observation about being able to breastfeed from the excessive underarm openness of the original design was so hilarious I laughed out loud!

Janine - this fabric is in the knit section of Spotlight, but instead of being on a roll it's wrapped around flat cardboard like quilting fabric.  There was quite the range of striped and plain colours in the two Spotlights near me.

RebeccaHoward - I think Spotlight is getting better fabric these days, in amongst the awful colours and polyesters there are some nice printed cotton sateens, Japanese lawns that are very similar to Liberty at a quarter of the price, the Lisette range of fabrics and some lovely vintage floral printed cotton plisse that I'm trying very hard not to buy!

Angela - Spotlight is a chain of fabric/craft stores here in Australia, I think it's probably similar to Joann's in the US.  And you're right about Toby being a bit of a handful, he is so wriggly and  reaches out to grab anything he can get hold of especially if it belongs to his sister!

Carolyn and Debi - it just so happens that I received another Spotlight catalogue in the mail yesterday and winter ponti is advertised at $4/m down from $14.99/m so fingers crossed it includes this range so I can stock up on some more (but not too much of course!).  For everyone else in Australia sewing patterns are also half price at Spotlight from Thursday, which is the cheapest we'll ever get - no such thing as 99c sales here!

Sorry Dilly for teasing you with tales of our hot weather, but I'm much rather the cold to the excessive heat being a fair skinned red headed that just cannot handle the heat.  And a white Christmas sounds so romantic and traditional!


  1. Oh, now that's interesting and totally makes sense!

  2. Well that's just sealed the deal for me going to spotlight today! For some reason, I'm obsessed with that dress right now, so my apologies for potentially some blatant plagiarism

  3. Well my super needs a boost...better go make that dress !!

  4. Oh, and I really should read my Spotty catalogues. I get so many I just delete them. And as for those Lincraft ones! I remember the days when they actually had good fabric.

  5. I'm going to put aside an hour to wait in the Spotlight queue today and see if I can actually snag some of the bargains. I got a scratchie with a 5% discount in the same envelope as the catalogue, too. The Spotlight in Lismore always has enough staff so I don't understand why the Hobart one can't do the same, particularly as it is the ONLY fabric store in Hobart! I've been there at 9am when they open and still had to queue for 30 mins. I have seen other ponti on cardboard and I think I saw the stripe in another colourway. I suspect Hobart only gets the dregs! I can't wait to get home where I have access to Lincraft and several independent fabric stores as well.

  6. I couldn't believe the updated Spotlight ponte price either. But it's all good - for stash building.

  7. Wow, that is really something about Burda photoshoots being used for other magazines...well remembered!

  8. Wow, Kristy, great visual memory for the Burda photo....and great striped dress. I think it shows how eagerly we study sewing patterns and sewing magazines. DH knows not to interrupt me when I curl up some night with the new Threads issue.

  9. I guess I'd better head to Spotlight today then... Maybe I can find some ponte to make up for the four yards of polyester nightmare I accidentally ordered from the States.

    I love your striped dress and I hope to make a similar one soon!

  10. I would have recognized the photo immediately, too. I never thought of them selling the photos as stock, but why not? However, what in the world is a "super"? Is that shorthand for "supervisor"? I'm all curious about the topic of the article.

  11. I don't think that's a licensed photo..

    Be careful of the Spotti 'lawns' they do not wash or age well-serious yellowing and lightening of colours XP

    Cleggs is having a $5 pattern sale from the 26th onwards and patternsplus is having a $3 pattern sale at the mo' (better n' half price I say ).