Summer sniffles

Tuesday, 11 December 2012
We've been one sick household this week just past.  It's cruel irony that now that the weather has warmed up we've all been laid low with summer colds instead of being out and about in the sunshine.  Poor little Toby has copped it the worst though - his cold turned into an infection in his sinuses with inflamed tonsils and an ear infection which has meant he's been in a fair bit of pain and general unhappiness.  Which also means exhaustion for us, because he hasn't wanted to sleep laying down so there were two nights last week when I slept sitting up in an armchair holding him.  Not great sleep quality as you can imagine......

I did manage to pop out last week to the Spotlight sale, but only bought the buttons and zippers I needed and not any fabric that I definately didn't need.  The store I went to (Birkenhead Point, absolutely hopeless) didn't seem to have any ponti fabric let alone the stripey one I wanted so I still don't know if it was on sale or not but I didn't get any.  Did anyone else score some bargains?

I didn't to get out to the Tessuti $10 remnant sale last weekend though, which is a pity because there is usually always something of interest on those tables.  We did all swarm around the remnant table on our Sydney sewists meet up day so maybe the good stuff from the city store was gone anyway!

On the upside however I was home last week to receive all the parcel deliveries that arrived, and now not only is all my christmas shopping done, but they're also all wrapped! Sorry to rub it into any of you that are still to do your shopping, but with two small children it's good to be organised.

I also managed to spend a little bit of time in my sewing room, making some more little shorts for Toby this time from new lengths of fabric although my husband the comedian did ask if I had refashioned a tea towel when he saw these checked cotton seersucker shorts:

And look at this ultra cute elephant print cotton poplin bought from Spotlight, made up in a simple style but with a white rib waistband to give it a board short look:

Both are from McCalls 6016, the same pattern I used previously - isn't it amazing how changing small details like the pockets can make them look quite different?

I have traced out my planned December Burda pattern, but am still agonising over the fabric choice.  I must get started on it though - I want to end the year on a high note!

edited to add: Amy - a few posts back you asked where I donated my husbands suits, well I haven't actually done it yet because they are still sitting in my car, but the Metro Migrant Resource Centre in Sydneyham accepts them as part of their Dress for Work program and is where I plan to take them when I get my act together!  Also if you have any women's work wear to donate check out Dress for Success, located in Marrickville.


  1. I so nearly bought that same elephant print for pj pants for my daughter for Christmas. She's 19 though! Spotlight at castle hill had no ponti and I looked quite hard after your last post although its hard to do with all the rolls lying every which way. I did spot (ha) quite a few bits of seersucker though. Some really cute prints. I used a lot of seersucker on my kids when they were little. It is as easy to launder as knits but doesn't fade or go out of shape and somehow looks just better. Love both your shorts. Nice for the hot weather. Or is it freezing. I'm not sure.

  2. I went along to Spotlight in Rockdale and the ponte that was on sale was winter colours - dark and gloomy. They had some lovely thick knit that looked like ponte me - in lots of different colours but of that wasn't on sale.

    Hope you all feel better soon. Colds are such horrible things - especially in the warmer weather.

  3. Cute! Sorry you have all been sick and exhausted.

  4. Love the shorts! I've I'd the same elephant material for my son. Love it!

    Bettina @

  5. I hope you are all feeling better soon.
    Cute shorts!

  6. These shorts are so cute. I hope your household is in better shape soon. Summer colds are awful.

  7. Fantastic shorts and love the board shorts.

  8. Thanks for the link to Dress for Success. I do have some things that could be donated. Hope you feel better soon.