I see red

Friday, 28 May 2010
through my red bloodshot eyes, that is..... This last week and a half has been absolutely horrible, I think I may have been awake for 22 hours each and every day because Anna is cutting some more teeth. These ones must be painful, because she hasn't responded to any painkillers, and even holding her didn't calm her down at all. On Monday night she screamed so loudly and for so long that she actually lost her voice! So she took to banging on her bedroom wall to get our attention, and when we ignored that she swan dived out of her cot and landed with a loud thud on the floor.

So she has been sleeping in our bed this week a lot. Which is fine with me because it means we all get a bit of sleep and there's no chance of adult activities which lead to more babies being made - I am so not ready to go down that path again any time soon!

As a result of spending so much time alternating between trying to settle a screaming toddler and collapsing exhausted into bed, I didn't manage to get much sewing done at all. Which is really getting to me because I have so many projects rattling around in my head that I'm itching to get started on. Today I hosted a little sewing school at my place, I'm teaching two friends how to sew so it was fun but chaotic trying to show them how to sew and keeping an eye on three rambunctious toddlers. And I do have a skirt pattern for myself pinned out, and guess what?! It's in red fabric! Although I'll probably wear it with a grey top LOL....

I've changed the thread in my overlocker to red, and since I'm too lazy to change it for each project and mess around with getting the tension right, I plan to sew a few things out of red before I'm done with it. First up though I made Anna a pair of pants out of a red corduroy skirt that I started a few years ago that never made it out of the UFO box. It's a bright red, almost tomato red colour, which isn't so great for a poorly sewn adult skirt but it just right for a pair of little pants with some stripy bias trim:

I just used my trusty Kwik Sew kids pants pattern again, and since I've made this four times now I've pared the process right down I can make them in less than 2 hours from start to finish. It was very difficult to get Little Miss Cranky to model them this week, here's pretty much the only pic I was able to snap at playgroup last week:

Thank you all for the lovely comments on the green suit. I feel like the popular girl in school with so many of you taking the time to leave a comment.

Toocutedobs - I am guilty too of not leaving comments on other people's posts that already have a lot, since I can't think of anything different to say. But it is nice to get lots of comments so I shall try better in the future.

Mary Nanna you are absolutely right - a sway back adjustment is just what I should have done. I normally do an adjustment for fitted clothes, but I thought I may have been able to get away without one on this jacket thinking it would finish at the small of my back. Guess I was wrong! Ah well, I can live with it as is though....

Bonny - these are my favourite shoes, they are pretty high but they are quilted satin inside so they are very comfortable. In fact I wear them so often I've just had them re-heeled so they can live on for another season (I had them done at Brices in Castlereagh St for any Sydneysiders - they are the best in the CBD).

Anyway happy weekend everyone, hopefully I shall get some quality time with my sewing machine and scissors. Although tonight my husband is out at a dinner with his mates for his cricket club reunion, so I may just have ice cream for dinner!


  1. How about the old pacifier in the freezer trick for gum numbing?

  2. Oh you poor thing! Hopefully you get a good night's sleep after the icecream :)

  3. Maybe she has an ear infection? Just a thought.

  4. Oh ouch! Here's to more sleep, more sewing, and much less teething for everyone soon!

  5. Ice cream for dinner! I thought I was the only one who cheated like that when everyone else was gone out for dinner.

    If it's any consolation (probably not!) I spent a sleepless night waiting to hear if my 22 year old made it safely to Rome as he left yesterday but his flight was delayed. Thankfully, the connecting flight was delayed also...not sure if the third connecting flight was delayed or not...still waiting to hear.

    They will give you sleepless nights for many years to come but it's worth it!

    Love the red pants.

  6. Oh no! I hope she feels better soon! Those little red pants are so cute!

  7. Cute pants. I hope you get some sleep soon, and well as your little one.

  8. I share your pain; our little one is the same way when she is cutting new teeth, especially molars. Have you tried feeding her frozen sweet potato fries for relief during the day? I've also been hearing a lot of hype about amber necklaces and the natural pain relieving effect on teething - we haven't tried it, but we're about to. I hope you find some rest soon!

    Cute cords!

  9. Hello poor you . I remember it well and it certainly does hurt (wisdom teeth) . Bonjela is fantastic stuff as it both numbs the mouth and is anti inflammatory. I had 3 screamers and one set of twins and I dont know how I would have survived with out Bonjela. Its also very useful for burns as I discovered the other day!! ou can gst it in a tube at the chemist if you havent come across it already.

  10. I hope everything quiets down soon at your house.. Toocutedobs had a wonderful idea about the frozen pacifier.. I used that with my daughter when she was little. My daughter never slept through the night till she was seven.. I feel your pain. It may not seem like it now but it does get easier. I promise.

    Ice cream for dinner.. that sounds like the best dinner ever.... lol I am not one to talk..... in my not too distant past.... I have had birthday cake for dinner three nights in a row..

  11. We used to be able to get a ring you could put in the fridge and then give to the child. We had 2 or 3 and we would swap them out when they got warm. There was also some numbing cream in a tube you could rub on the gums, (my kids didn't quite like the cream) and I also gave them children's tylenol at bed time to help them relax enough to fall asleep.
    My husband says that was just one of those periods. Those were some of the things we remembered doing.

  12. Cute pants. And I'm amazed you can make something so cute in only two hours!