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Wednesday 5 May 2010
I don't normally post about things I'm in the midst of making, I'm much more of a 'ta da' look what I've made kind of blogger. Probably because I have such a high rate of UFOs, but also because I did start this blog to share my latest creations with friends (RL and new virtual ones too). However I'm comign to realise that perhaps by posting what I'm working on it will not only encourage me to finish them but also if I hit a stumbling block and a project is in danger of becoming a UFO I just know that all you clever clogs out there will come up with suggested solutions to finish them!

So here's the jacket I'm working on that I alluded to in the previous post:
It's pattern 127 from Burda issue 9/2009. I've practically finished it too, aside from doing nine (gulp!) buttonholes and handstitching the lining down. The skirt I've started to go with it is pattern 128 from Burda issue 1/2009, part of the exclusive design pattern in that issue:

I chose this skirt pattern because it will look good on it's own, what with the front seams and tabs, but also because the vertical seams on the skirt sort of line up with the vertical princess seams of the jacket. Told you I'm a matchy matchy kind of person!

As for a blouse (geez, Ms Carolyn you are demanding!) I'm not sure because the wide shawl collar of this jacket precludes a button up collared style I think, just too much going on there at the neckline. But we are coming into winter now I will wear this with turtleneck knits for the next few months until I think of something else to go with it.

How funny that so many of you remember that 'Goodbye Tonsils' golden book! I guess it is a pretty memorable title. And yes Judy, the doctor in there is Dr Constantinople, I can't believe you remember that. You either have a very good memory for useless facts or you read that book many many times....


  1. Gee I love that second outfit. MUST MAKE IT SOMEDAY.
    BTW, matchy matchy is perfect. I am so matchy today - purple/aubergene suit, striped shirt, beads, shoes and tights. But still using black and white handbag. Though if I changed to my purple one I would be carted off to the old ladies home! Good luck with the buttonholes :)

  2. Just practice on some of your scraps!!! Rpeat after me.... button holes are my friends... you'll get the hang of them! I do love the skirt... and it really does go well with the jacket. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to the finished outfit!

  3. I like that first jacket. Funny how you overlook things until you see them on someone else's blog! I've thought about the second outfit and I even have some chartreuse wool I considered for it ... must drag that magazine out again and have another look. I think it's good to post about works in progress because you often receive comments that send you in a direction you may not have considered.

  4. Ooo.. I like the technical drawings for the outfit! Can't wait to see it finished!

  5. I can't believe I remembered the doctor's name! I can't remember much else about the book though. I think it was only that his name was pretty exotic that made it stick in my head.

    But I do often remember a lot of useless info. Which is why none of my friends would play more than one game of trivial pursuit with me.

  6. I made the first jacket, I loved it.
    I also love your second jacket, I am going to look at that one!

  7. Ah I just ask the questions that everyone else is thinking about. Plus then I get to learn more about what you're sewing. And I like both the skirt and the other jacket that you should think about making that one too!

  8. Hi, I was doing a Google search re: a presser foot, and ta-da I found you! I have a sewing question that I am so desperate in finding the answer to. I don't know anyone around me that sews, so I have no one to ask.

    Okay so here it goes: When I'm sewing multiple layers, the top layer of fabric ALWAYS pushes and bunches up as I go along. (I have a few detailed pix of this on my blog from last week). I am VERY NEW to sewing so I have lots to learn. I am thinking that perhaps there is too much pressure on the presser foot. What do you think? I would appreciate any help. Thank you so much for your time, Victoria

  9. That is a great skirt, it has definitely gone into my "ol' reliable" repertoire.

  10. I am so impressed with your tailoring abilities! I have recently acquired a dress form, and am surfing about looking for advice on how to pad it out and use it to it's fullest potential. Do you use a dress form? Any advice for me? Thanks!