A little sewing.....

Friday, 18 September 2009
Even though it's only early spring it has been absolutely hot hot hot around here this week. In our usual bad timing we've started doing work around the house again after a little lull, finally getting around to finishing the floors in the house since Anna is starting to show signs of crawling soon and we figured that old cracked floorboards with holes and nails in them aren't ideal for little knees and hands. So my poor dad and husband have been slaving away in the heat, whilst I've had the luxury of my mum here to help with Anna and I've managed to get a little sewing done.

Some more curtain panels for my sewing room done (yawn), sewing room almost clean (double yawn) a muslin and some pattern tweaking for a dress I'm hoping to have done by the end of September to enter the Mad Men competition over at Sew Retro (probably way too ambitious), a couple of UFOs further progressed (but still not finished) and a little pair of shorts for Anna that were just too cute not to make.

I used a vintage Simplicity 8040 pattern, which in a quirk of coincidence was printed in 1977 - the year that I was born. The good thing about kids clothes is that they use so little fabric, that I managed to make these shorts from leftover red linen that I made this jacket out of, along with some polka dot cotton for the pockets that was in the scrap fabric pile. They are very simple to make with an elastic waistband at the back, and the pockets are simply sewn onto the front of the fabric.

They are a little baggy around the waist, but they do stay up over her cloth nappy and since summer is still three months away she'll have plenty of time to grow into them. And they seem to pass approval, given the little dance she gave after giving them a thorough checking out:

And the last word on the biting during nursing - Anna seems to have stopped doing this now thankfully, it was getting more than a little annoying. And at mother's group on Wednesday two of the other mums reported that their little angels had started biting them too, so I had a silent chuckle to myself and then passed on all your tips!


  1. Yeahhhh for you!!! Now that she has hopefully quit biting... your going to feel sooo much better about her new teeth! And just look how much you learned that you could pass onto the other moms! LoL.... the shorts turned out cute! More later....

  2. Happy spring. Hope it cools off for you. How quickly Anna has grown! She is a sweetie and the shorts are adorable. I love how she is checking out the waistline!

  3. Cute daughter, cute shorts. Looks like you have one happy customer there!

  4. That IS a happy dance for sure! So cute.

  5. I now need a girl to make things for and use up all my scraps. At least that's what I'm telling myself when I keep adding to the pile...

  6. Ohmy she is just too cute in those adorable shorts!

  7. I don't know what is cuter--the shorts or the baby. Wait--I know. The baby in the shorts!

    Oh, she is so cute!

    And I hear you on the biting...