a sunny Sydney Sunday

Sunday, 7 September 2008
phew - try saying that phrase a few times quickly! After a few days and nights of continuous and torrential rain, Sunday turned out to be very sunny, somewhat warm and just perfect for some photos for the completed garments that have been piling up in the last week (now to think of some witty blog posts for each!).

First up is my youngest / shortest / least lengthy UFO (oh you know what I mean) - I started this at the end of June so only two months gestation for this one. I cut this skirt out from Vogue 9615 (well and truly on it's way to being an all time TNT for me) at the same time as the black check skirt I posted about here, meaning to sew them both one after the other production line style. The black one came together quickly with no problems but for some reason the back waistline of this skirt became absolutely huge, maybe from matching the stripes at the side and not the notches, or it just stretched while I let the bias hang. Either way I let it sit for a while until I figured the best...ahem easiest and quickest.... way to fix it.

So I put two darts on each side in the back piece, which kept the hip line wide enough to slide over my hips, but narrow enough so that the back wouldn't bunch up when I sewed some stretch cotton elastene fabric in white for the yoke part of the waistline. Luckily this worked well, and now it is finished:
I do need to give it a thorough press or maybe even a wash because a quick iron didn't get that horizontal crease out of the front of the skirt that you can see near the hem, caused from years of being folded up in my stash. I must remember to get my fabrics out and refold them more often to minimise this. And yes I know this is grey, but there is a fair bit of blue and white in there too!

And for the belly watchers out there, check out this watermelon I'm carrying:


  1. You look radiant! Love the outfit.

  2. "I carried a watermelon."

    Dirty Dancing. Bast. Movie. Avar.

  3. I love this skirt, it really looks great on you... How's the pregnancy going??? Have you started the baby sewing yet???
    Thanks for popping by and comenting on my blog... I was a bit worried too about a knitted nappy cover for Summer but other avid knitters have asured me that cotton yarn breathes really well and is super cool in Summer. I guess time will tell now won't it... :)

    Take Care

  4. So Kristy, has anyone come up to you and asked if they could touch your tummy yet? Quick story: My neice while'st pregnant was rubbing her tummy (as pregnant women world wide do, cause it starts to itch a bit while it is growing) and some lady told her that that was the rudest thing that she had ever seen? Go Figure! The lady probably had never ever been pregnant before!LoL...
    I had to catch up on some of your posts... I've been on vacation! Loved the post on your trip and bringing home all the extra's, fabric, buttons etc... loved that you put on extra layers so that you didn't have to put into your luggage! It's a good thing that the airlines don't weigh us before we get onto the planes!