sewing ADHD

Sunday, 21 September 2008
I told you all I was hopeless at SWAP - even though I have an illustrated sewing plan, and a dress already cut out waiting to be sewn up do I do the logical thing? No I got sidetracked already.....

Saturday here turned out very very hot, and after a bit of garage sale-ing and op shopping I came home to continue my usual fun Saturday of washing and house cleaning whilst the husband was out and not under my feet (I swear it takes twice as long when he's around trying to "help"). Anyway I quickly realised that none of my casual shorts for around the house fit, and whilst I love the 1950s you won't catch me cleaning the toilet in a dress! So I whipped up some shorts out of some dark brown cotton drill that I picked up in the great op shopping trip to Dubbo a few weeks (a very short term resident of the stash indeed).

These were so simple it only took about 3 hours to make two pairs of shorts from start to scratch, it's amazing how much time is saved when you're not taking pains to get a good fit around the waist but instead whacking elastic on. I used an alice+olivia Vogue 2907 pants pattern because it has such a wide yoke that I knew all I had to do was make the waistband from stretch fabric and I'd be sorted. The first pair I left off the welt pockets, but the second pair I made a little nicer so I could wear down the shops etc, and made turn up cuffs, the welt pockets on the back and some tortoiseshell buttons on the front side pockets and the welt pockets just for a little detail. I also raised the back waistline, but forgot to lift the position of the welts so it looks a little strange 'cos they are a bit low, but I can live with it.

Anyway these are hardly exciting enough to warrant a photo entry, but you're going to get one anyway because I tried these on with a nice jacket I made some time ago and some beads to see how it looks. And I think it looks pretty good (apart from my pasty white legs! note to self, get the fake tan cream out ASAP):

So after lunch I sat down with Simplicity 3874 meaning to make the dress I had already cut out, but got distracted again by the jacket of the pattern and some red linen I knew I had in the stash. And well, another 2 or 3 hours later I have a lovely jacket to wear with the black and white check dress I posted about a few posts ago. I've made this jacket twice before and I really like it, plus it's big enough to wear for maternity without any alterations except that I used french seams since it's unlined, I made pleats around the neck instead of gathers, and added a large button to the front. And here it is with the black and white check dress:

Now, following all of your good advice about leaving this dress big because I'll soon fill it, I've decided to leave it as it is - I figure you all know much better than I, having been there done that so I'll defer to your good judgement. Thank you all for your comments on this one, they were very helpful in deciding. Plus with the red jacket it sort of pulls it in and makes a bit more streamlined, so I can live with that for the next few weeks before I really balloon out!

And the Simplicity dress? Well it's nearly there, I spent Sunday morning sewing it up, my mum helpfully pinned the hem for me since it's getting harder to see past my ginormous belly and now all that is left to do is some hand sewing. I might take it to work with me tomorrow to finish it off, god knows I waste enough time in that place I may as well do something useful LOL!


  1. *LOL* at the God knows I waste enough time/useful comment! Actually when sewing with a plan you should leave some flexibility in the plan to sew other things. I think that's were people get discouraged and through the plan out the window ~ because they think they can ONLY sew things from the plan! If that were the case I would never get any sewing done! *smile*

    I think the shorts will prove very wearable in the upcoming months and I love the red jacket over the dress! Beautiful!

  2. Great new shorts! I love the jacket too - I have made that pattern before and really like it. You look adorable in all your new frocks - pregnancy definitely agrees with you!

  3. The jacket is beautiful, especially with the dress. The pop of red color really suits you. The shorts will be great too, with the rising tempretures.

  4. Wow, you are so quick! It took me 2 to 3 hours to think and cut out a Burda And when I say cut out I only mean the pattern!! BTW, the shorts look very wearable in public and the jacket is lovely.

  5. I know what you mean about getting side-tracked. SWAP hads the same affect as going on a diet - suddenly all the food I can't have is what I desperately want!
    So long as your sewing you know you will eventually get back on the SWAP plan.

    Love the jacket and the shorts. You are very clever adapting those patterns so well to maternity!

  6. That red jacket looks great on you! Very pretty with the dress and it brings some extra color close to your face.

  7. Oh Kristy, those look great on you! I feel horrible - I didn't realize you were pregnant until you mentioned it on my blog. Gah I am SO far behind on my blog reading!

    Regardless - YOU look fantastic, and your baby bump looks great! I'm with everyone else - how do you sew so fast?

  8. I like the jacket and the short !