Bring on the warm weather

Wednesday 10 September 2008
so I can wear this latest UFO I finished of course! Even though the last few days here in Sydney have been sunny and blue skies, it has still been rather chilly and after I took the photo below of this skirt I raced back inside to put my trackie pants and cosy cardigan back on LOL. The things we do for our blogs hey?

You may have noticed that I've made quite a few skirts from Vogue 9615 (ie the skirt from the last post and several before that), because the wide yoke waistband is ideal to make from stretch fabric to accommodate a preggy belly. This skirt however was the very first one I made several years ago now at least, well started to make anyway! It turned out a bit too short for my liking, and because I used the same fabric for the side in seam pockets as the skirt (a heavy stretch cotton drill), it was bulky right at my saddlebag thighs where extra bulk is certainly not needed. So I set it aside whilst I thought of something to do about it.

So to make it work now, I pulled it apart and took out the side in seam pockets and removed the centre back zipper. Then I sewed the front and back pieces together, made an extra wide waistband from my trusty stash of cotton elastene in white which gave enough length for the skirt to sit just above the knee right where I want it. But since there still wasn't enough fabric to turn up a hem, I applied some narrow bias tape in a vibrant blue that I had in my stash (thrifted I think) which also gave this plain white skirt a bit of detail. Then I made patch pockets from the in seam pockets I removed, edged them also with the blue bias tape and here you have it, a finished UFO that only took a few hours and a new need to finish it.

I also need to make a nice loose and flowy top to wear with this skirt, because this blue knit tank is not a maternity top and is being stretched to its capacity! The shoes however are supremely comfortable, a pair of Nine West blue leather flats (yes flats!) with a moulder rubber base that are almost like wearing slippers and they are quiet - I really hate flats that make the click clack sound that should only come with a killer pair of heels!

And I'll leave you with a very accurate (for me anyway) quote from my trusty Bible "What to expect when you're expecting" - in the sixth month what you may be feeling emotionally:

A beginning of boredom with the pregnancy ("Can't anyone think about anything else?")


  1. And here I am thinking the opposite, "bring on the cold!" (I live in Arizona in the US). I love the pocket detail in the skirt!

    Congrats to you for repurposing all your UFO's and some of your older wardrobe. No need to go out and buy (I shudder to think!) maternity wear when you, you crafty thing, just remakes something old into something new!
    Good job!

  2. It's blog nomination time again...and I've nominated you for 2!

  3. O.K. sorry, another story time... your last comment reminded me!
    While preggers with my #3, I told a friend it would be nice to be able to be done and have this kid... I was around 6 1/2 to 7 monthes along. She (being older and wiser!) said, If we had them at 6-7 monthes then we would want to have them at 4-5 monthes etc... and pretty soon we would be having them like dogs and cats! Let's just say that I was willing to wait after that!
    Enjoy, as much fun and love as little ones bring into our lives, it's a heck of a lot easier to carry them around while they are inside then when they are outside! Because then you have them and all the neccesary things that you need to take with you!
    You look great! Keep up the good work!

  4. Great idea to repurpose the ufo into maternity wear. I agree with Valerie on the weather comment, in Texas, we are ready for fall/cool weather, it will be 103 tomorrow due to the hurricane in the gulf. Now, some of the tops, you can either save them for another pregnancy or trim them down for the months afterwards when nothing really fits.