Burda of the month: 2/2012 #125 maternity pants

Friday, 16 March 2012
When Sharon, a fellow Sydneysider, left a comment on the last post saying that she had already received her March Burda in the mail I thought I had better get started on this Burda lite challenge I've set myself before I get three months behind without even starting.  Luckily the March issue hasn't arrived at my house (which is a little annoying too), although the subscription renewal has - ironically the subscription is through a company called Speedimpex Australia, ha not so speedy at all!

The obsessive order freak within me really wanted to make the January pattern first so I could do these in order, but practicality dictated otherwise: with only 2 weeks to go before 'official' due date I thought it perhaps wise to make the maternity pants from the February issue so as to maximise wearing opportunities.  But even the weather has been against me, after a wet and cool summer we are now (for the last week anyway) having a hot and sunny autumn....

Anyway, here's the pattern from the Burda website:

It's a simple pull on, jersey knit waistband pattern made in the style of kid's pants: sew the two legs separately, put one leg inside the other right sides together and sew the centre back seam, crotch seam and centre front seam in one 'u' shaped sewing line.  Then just sew on the waistband and within an hour or two you're all done!

Well that's the theory anyway, I still had some fitting issues to resolve because the centre back of the pants had major gaping that I didn't think the waistband would pull in, at least not in a flattering way.  So I took a pinch out of the centre back seam, and sewed two small darts in the back as well to get the pants to fit closer.

And then I wasn't confident that the stretch knit I planned to use for the waistband was strong enough with sufficient recovery to hold up my pants - I hate nothing more than walking around tugging up my pants! So I decided to sew a wide elastic around the top of the pants, stretched a little across the back which resulted in some gathers but better to be safe than sorry:

I just sewed the knit jersey to the top of the pants as well, so that the elastic was fully encased inside and out:

And that did the job, the pants are still easily pulled on but are snug enough they won't fall down. I made mine from a khaki stretch cotton sateen from the stash, as was the elastic (bought at a garage sale long ago) and the cotton knit for the waistband (picked up from an op shop long ago).  Here's my finished version (and a 38 week belly):

These are really comfortable, but I see now from these photos that they aren't so flattering, which actually is normal for me in pants anyway what with my pear shape and sway back.  It's funny how when you try something on and look in the mirror things look ok, but when you see a photo from all angle it's suddenly obvious how they really look! Oh dear, my backside really has expanded a great deal, and my hips/saddle bags are even more pronounced in this cut, fabric and colour but you know what? At 38 weeks pregnant I just don't care, these pants provide coverage and comfort and that's good enough for me at this point in time!

For anyone else contemplating making these (and a note for myself in case I ever do something silly like get pregnant again) the changes I would make to the pattern would be to increase the centre back rise because they sit quite low and the waistband is quite visible unless you wear a really long t-shirt, and to decrease the centre front rise because these bunch up a little under my belly although that would depend on how high or low you're carrying.

I would also make the waistband a bit shorter, because as sewn the top of the waistband finishes just under the bust, but it's not an hourglass shape pattern so that the finished width of the top of the waistband is too wide to wear it up:

meaning you really have to wear it folded down in half, which finished mid-belly and gives good coverage but is sort of bulky:

So I'm patting myself on the back for finishing the first step in my challenge so quickly, now to change the thread in my overlocker and make the January pattern so I can get back to the other things sitting patiently in the queue.


  1. Yay! New pants! Yay! Only two weeks to go! My mother's maternity pants patterns have a big "U" shape cut out for one's belly, and a drawstring to hold the back and sides up around the "waistband." No coverage at all for the baby bump -- you wore an enormous smock over the top to cover yourself. She says they were comfortable. I doubt it ... Happy Rest of Your Pregnancy!

  2. Alas, 38w pg... it is a nice colour on you, and honestly the rest of the world will just be marveling at the marvel of a 38wk pg body than wrinkles on some trousers.

    Did #1 come at 40w? My 40w date came and went both times. DS decided to make his entrance at 41.5wks.

    Never fear, within 3 mos you'll start to feel broody again :)

  3. Nice work on the pants! And seriously, who could begrudge comfort to a 38 weeks pregnant woman?

  4. Nice pants!! I feel you about being pear-shaped with a swayback! That is me 100 percent (only not pregnant)! You are right not to care, you still look pretty and comfy in your new pants. : )

  5. You look fantastic and I am so impressed with your productivity at 38 weeks! You are taking this pregnancy in your stride, and I hope that bodes very well for an easy labor and restful early days with your new little one. Great pants.

  6. I think you look amazing in those photos. Its pretty obvious from the last shot that you are mostly baby.

  7. Happy home stretch there on the pregnancy! You totally look ready to deliver.

    We have the same shape which comes in handy when you make New Look patterns and state things like "I didn't have to make a swayback adjustment". Then I know it will work out for me too, like our favo(u)rite NL6000. :)

  8. You cutie... you look great! Good for you... one down one to go.... (that is until you get the "next" Burda...LOL)It's never ending isn't it! Seems there is always something else on the list!
    Thanks for visiting my blog/commenting... my mom is doing better.
    And I haven't heard from my son/family about the pkg I sent... so hopefully it will fit find and dandy...
    Good job on the pants.. always nice to have something cute to wear... especially when preggers! Two weeks... I'm excited for you! Kinda like another Christmas hmmm? How is DH hanging in there? Give Anna a hug from me!

  9. I like your attitude because seriously you are entering the end of the pregnancy and you need comfortable clothes to see you through. If these work and you feel good wearing them, go with it.

  10. You look beautiful.

  11. There are days when I need these pants. You are blooming! Bets are on for a boy.

  12. You manage to make everything looks so effortless and pretty.

  13. Those are actually pretty great pants! They look normal and then they have the stealth pregnancy band. Hope you're getting good use out of them (or not, if you're happy about the warm weather--not sure about 38 weeks + hot temps!).