Sydney sewists meet up

Tuesday, 30 October 2012
The lovely Christy over at Little Betty (how can she not be lovely with a name like that, even if it starts with a 'Ch'!) suggested a meet up of sewing obsessives here in Sydney sometime soon.  I am all for that, not having any real life friends who are into sewing nearly as much as I am, it will be great to fondle fabric and natter away about sewing with like minded people.

So if you're from Sydney, near Sydney or even just happen to be in Sydney in November please join us on Saturday November 24.  The plan is to meet at Tessuti's in Surry Hills at 12.30pm, then onto The Fabric Store and finishing up for a coffee/drink somewhere nearby.

It's going to be a little weird meeting people for the first time when you already know so much about them from their blog, but I'm sure that just means we'll all feel like old friends that much quicker. 

And now I'll have to find something to wear.  You know how we all comment that no one else would notice some little flaw that we pick out in our made garments - well this will be a group of people who will notice, not least because they read your blog where you point them out ha ha ha!

Finally, to all of you in the USA who are in the path of post-tropical hurricane Sandy my thoughts are with you and your families.  Stay safe everyone, and look after your sewing stashes!

I'll leave you with a photo of my two little hurricanes, on the gorgeous quilts made for them from the very generous and thoughtful Jean who blogs over at Sewing Along Life's Seams. Thank you Jean - these quilts are beautiful and I assure you very well loved!


  1. I can't help it if I spell my name correctly :) I found the funniest thing about meeting bloggers was the sound of their voice. When you read blogs you hear your own voice, nothing like the real life person.

  2. I just let Mike from and velosewer from know about your Sydney blogger meetup!! Meetups are great! I hope to meet you one day!

  3. HI Kristy.
    The fabulous Kyle sent me your message during Hurricane Sandy. I'll pass on your note and Christy's to a few other Sydney bloggers too. It'll be great to meet up:)

  4. Such cuties.... well enjoy your time with the family... and the soon to be meet up!

  5. This is such a great idea! Hopefully I'll be able to come up from Canberra for the day (I just found out I have Virgin points! Woot!)

  6. Would love to meet up but at this point can't confirm as already have commitments that day, hopefully I can figure it out.

    1. Yeah, worked it out, so I will see you all there.

  7. I will try to be there.

  8. I will try to be there too.