Simple summer dresses

Tuesday, 16 October 2012
Wow, thanks everyone for the many and lovely comments on the dress in the last post.  You know you're on a winner when even the lurkers are lured out of lurkedom to comment! I'm a notorious lurker too, usually because I'm blog surfing whilst holding a baby in one arm and swiping my ipad with the other - not conducive to typing meaningful comments I'm afraid....

Sophie Miriam asked which patterns I was referring that are similar to that one but I think are easier to sew (ie a one piece bodice with darts).  Well there are loads actually since it's really just a fitted bodice with a full skirt.  Burda magazine has had quite a few over the years, and in fact in the very next issue there is dress #116 which is very similar to the one I made, sure it has princess seams and not a once piece bodice but that is still easier than sewing in those bodice insets:

photo from
Simplicity has a Project Runway Pattern (#2444) which has some interesting darts and a few variations:

Simplicity also has a Cynthia Rowley pattern (#2215) which has a button front but is still pretty much the same style:

New Look 6143 has sleeve variations and a sweetheart neckline option:

Butterick has a lovely reissued vintage pattern (#5748):

McCalls has an off the shoulder version (#6462) which interestingly is designed for moderate stretched knits:

Vogue 8766 has a number of full skirt, slim skirt, strapless, long sleeve, three quarter sleeve or straps which almost makes the usually very expensive Vogue patterns really good value in this case:

From my own stash I've made vintage Simplicity 4930 in a turquoise striped cotton version (blogged here):

and vintage Simplicity 3918 which I made in a graphic black, white and red print which won a competition over on Sew Retro a while ago (blogged about here):

and one of my favourites, Butterick 3076 (now OOP) which I've made three times in a polka dot cotton, a pink floral cotton, black cotton lace and a pale yellow cotton (blogged about here):

Thanks Sophie for asking, because now I've discovered that Cynthia Rowley pattern which would be perfect for me being a button front and nursing friendly.  Yes Katharine it was brave (or silly) of me to make a non nursing friendly dress when I hope to continue b/feeding Toby for another 6 months or so, but I've been wearing this out and about on short trips only so it hasn't been a problem so far.  Soon though I'll be able to retire the 'girls' and wear clothes without a second thought! 


  1. Yay, now I have 700 new patterns to buy! No, in all seriousness, that was really helpful. Thanks!

  2. Lovely dresses Kristy. I followed the link to look at 3076 where you mentioned that you made your own wedding dress. Have you blogged about that and if you have'nt I would love to read about it. Thanks, Lizzie.

  3. oh boy. i might need to make that CR one....move that up in my queue...

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