learning from my mistakes......and then some!

Thursday, 8 December 2011
After my failure to make the white shirt from the last post long enough in the front I was determined not to do that again.  Well I've certainly avoided that problem with the latest blouse I've sewn, with tons of length to spare.  In fact if my bump grows big enough to need the extra length I've included this time around I will freak out.  See for yourself:

Ha ha I crack myself up sometimes! I suppose I could re-hem the front and shorten it slightly so that the dip at the front is not so exaggerated, but that would mean adding something else to my extremely long to do list so I think I shall live with it.
In answer to Dib's question posted in the comments to the last post about whether I'm only modifying Burda patterns for maternity wear the answer is no - it only seems that way.  I try to pick patterns that already have a hint of maternity about them so that it's not too difficult to modify them, and it just so happens that Burda have been specialising in patterns for loose flowing smock / potato sack styles that are ripe for modification!  But the added benefit of Burda is that since I'm already tracing them out it's convenient to make the modifications to the pattern at the same time.

But for this blouse I used Simplicity 4589 because it was an easy style to modify given that it has no shape to it whatsoever.  All I had to do to make it work was to increase the width of the front by about 10cm, and increase the amount of gathering under the yoke to accommodate that extra width.  Actually I used a series of small pleats across the front because I think it looks neater than gathering.  I also made a matching tie to wear with it because without cinching it in it has a bit of old fashioned smock look about it.

I made this in a soft cotton which I recently purchased from Spotlight for no particular reason, so I was glad it didn't join the stash and instead got make into something quickly.  The fabric though had huge potential for misplacement at the bustline (if you get my drift) but thankfully with the gathers across the front I shouldn't have that problem. 

Although this is comfortable to wear, looking at these photos I think I should have made the next size up across the bust because it looks a little tight under the arms.  Clothes not fitting me at the bust is certainly not a problem I've had before!  Perhaps widening the yoke would let the front fall more freely.

In answer to the comments in the last post, Carol I think the reason the white shirt stayed clean is because I work it to work and didn't spend the day with Anna.  As with all toddlers she is a major mess magnet and I usually get some fallout from her too!  Gail I am hoping to wear this post maternity, I'm sure that by adding the pleats at the front and elastic casing around the waistline that it will be a flattering fit. 
And now to get on with the rest of my to do list - why is it christmas seems to come around more quickly every year?


  1. Hahahaha now that is some serious length added to the front. Its gorgeous though, and will definitely cover any eventualities. Thanks for the answer regarding your pattern selection process.

  2. I like the length in the front - it's a nice design element. Besides, even if you need more room, it'll look like a design element!

  3. Christmas comes faster now because children are involved...now that mine are grown the pressures don't seem as great!

    As for the front of the top, I love the extra dip. That's what being shown in RTW regular sizes so it's a nice adaptation to maternity. This is another great top! I love how you update regular size patterns for maternity gear!

  4. I also don't mind the extra length in front, and you can 'chop-it' later on if you want to.
    Funny thing, I also am using that exact same fabric at the moment to sew a dress for my daughter (well it is half completed). A Spotlight purchase at their last 30% off sale back in November. It is easy to sew and pleat, isn't it???

  5. That is a very pretty top - I love the design and the fabric!

  6. Both your most recent two efforts, the white shirt and this top (I don't see any mistakes!), are beautiful and very becoming. You're doing Great, and looking super-Great!!

  7. Another winner - on two levels, great design and great resiliance in finding good fabric at Spotlight.

  8. Hi Kristy

    I hope you remember me as I emailed you earlier to ask about pattern alterations. I am writing to congratulate you on baby no.2 that will be here soon. It has been a while I checked your blog. I have been sewing a few dresses myself too, if you have time do check them out. Cheers!

  9. I really like that fabric and it looks lovely with the pleats. Wouldn't that be a sight if you'd placed the flowers in front, lol. You're looking great. Lucky the weather has been rather cool than hot.

  10. I wish I sew'd my own maternity clothes. I didn't sew back then. Your top is adorable and maybe you could change the hem and wear it post pregnancy.