Wardrobe 101: the white shirt

Friday, 2 December 2011
In every article that a fashion magazine runs on wardrobe essentials the basic white shirt is always included.  It's a bit ho hum boring, but I do admit a nice crisp white shirt is a versatile wardrobe builder that goes with loads of outfits in all sorts of occasions.  And when you're preggers you need as much versatility as possibility, because you eventually get to a point where you'll wear anything anywhere as long as it fits!

So I decided to make a white linen shirt from Burda 6/2008 # 107, the shirt option of the pattern I previously made this grey cotton dress from.  Since I had made this previously with maternity adjustments I knew it would fit and so I was able to sew it up from cutting out to finish in just a few hours.  And here's how it turned out:

I wore this to work on Monday (with the grey pants from the last post) which is why it's looking a little wrinkled, but that's to be expected (and accepted) from linen.  I left off the front gathers that I had put in the grey dress because this fabric was a little stiffer and so didn't drape as well but also because it doesn't look shapeless without them so I didn't bother.  I like how the darts at the back give a nice fitted look whilst still having enough room for a comfortable fit.

However I don't think I cut the front long enough to cover my bump for the entire pregnancy because looking at that side view it looks like it sticks out a bit.  The shirt covers the bump nicely now and perhaps with high waisted skirts and pants it may work, so I shall see whether I need to make another one or not.

Thank you for the lovely comments on the grey linen pants to the last post, they have proven very handy this week when our weather turned unexpectedly cold and these are pretty much the only pants I have that fit at the moment.  I've grown out of my normal pants (for obvious reasons) and out of my maternity jeans (due to expansion of my rear not the bump embarrassingly) but I'm also not big enough yet for the other maternity pants I made last time around. 

I have already cut two pairs of shorts out using the same pattern although I might add some details like patch pockets or button tabs just to jazz them up a little.  Speaking of cutting out, Shannie and Dibbs I'm fortunate enough to have a dedicated cutting table in my sewing room which has extra tall legs so that the surface height is just under my bent elbow so I don't have to bend at all although just standing for any short period of time these days is enough to give me a sore back.  But I'm sure you both know plenty about that since you're both pretty much at the same stage as me.

Connie (Grandma C) my official due date is March 30, although I'm taking that with a grain of salt given that Anna was two weeks late! So I'll be delivering at the beginning of our autumn which will be nice weather wise, but I'll still be in the third trimester during our summer.  I should have learnt my lesson last time around because being heavily pregnant in summer was far from pleasant!


  1. I'm due April 4th, but i've noticed all my friensd always have their babies 1 or two weeks late so I imagine I will be late as well.
    You are so lucky to have your cutting table. I can't even psyche the hubby to let me buy one as there is literally no space in the house for anymore of my crafty bits.
    On to the blouse, yeah you should definitely add a couple more inches with the next one should you decide to make it. That said, it looks so good on you, and I espcially like the pleats at the back. Do you have a preference for which patterns to modify? or do you find using Burda patterns easier to modify because they do not have seam allowances?

  2. Love the shirt! Any chance you have a link to the pattern? I've tried searching on burdastyle's website, and haven't been able to find it.

    shoot me an email if you know where I can find it!
    greycoral at gmail dot com

  3. Great shirt - it looks lovely. I really like the pleat detail on the sleeves.

  4. The back pleats are such a great detail! The dress version of that has been on my sewing list for about 3 years. Maybe next summer?

  5. Hi Kristy, I am in Brisbane and have also noticed the cold change this week. Was even wearing a cardi last night! I think the white shirt looks very elegant especially with the grey pants. I wish I had a copy of the pattern too. I also love Burdastyle and find that their clothes fit well and are true to their design. But also love their out there styles and descriptions. Long live Burdastyle!

  6. It looks wonderful! It adapted really beautifully to maternity wear. I gave up on sewing woven blouses last pregnancy, because I did the same thing, underestimating how much space I'd need. You'd think after three I'd have that figured out by now.

  7. I like this blouse. I really need a white top but I keep scaring myself with the colour. How you manage to keep it clean is impressive! I'd have spilled coffee on it before I left the house.

  8. Very nice blouse. Can you wear this after babies by inserting the elastic from the original design? Keep well.

  9. Great shirt - and yes the back design gives a nice shape.