Extreme Burda 6/2011 #114

Friday 25 November 2011
Regular users of the Burda magazine know to take their pattern descriptions with a grain of salt.  It says the pattern is easy? Translation: don't follow their instructions, work it out yourself and then it will be easier.  It says the design is trendy and you'll turn heads? Translation: you'll just look like one of those uber chic fashion students trying to outdo each other to make it onto a street style blog and whose fashion hardly anyone else will understand.  It says this barely there slip of a dress or cut to there blouse is perfect for the office? Translation: if your office is a bar or a bordello, why then yes it will probably be perfect!  

So I really should have known better when I decided to make the wide leg pants (#114) from issue 6/2011:

I hardly ever make pants because getting a good fit is just too much hard work in general, and even more so for a pear shape. Plus I do prefer to wear dresses and skirts so not making pants isn't an issue.  But being preggers a pair of elasticated waistband wide leg trousers should be a simple sew with few fitting issues.  But then I had to go and choose this pattern didn't I? The magazine does describe them as wide leg so I should have taken that literally.

I chose this pattern mainly because of the waistband, thinking the only modification I would need would be to lower the front crotch rise so that the waistband would sit below my bump.  Except these pants were so wide and so long that it was just plain ridiculous! Seriously, after tracing the pattern for my (newly increased) hip size, I did a flat pattern measurement and realised the pants would have about 15cm ease on each leg, and be too long by almost 12 cm.  And even after I had removed a fair bit of that width and length, after I had sewn them up I still ended up reducing and shortening them a bit more because I just looked clownish.  In fact I probably looked as silly as the model photograph in the magazine:

An Angelina Jolie lookalike and friend making faces at a parrot? What the.......

Granted I am not a Nordic giantess with legs up to there, and nor did I sew these up in a drapey silk jersey as suggested in the magazine so it's probably all my poor pattern choosing.  But after all that whittling down, I now have a super comfy pair of linen trousers to wear on those days when I can't be bothered shaving my legs:

I made the waistband a combination of elastic for comfort and a drawstring so I can be confident that my pants won't end up around my knees when I have a whingy toddler tugging at my pant legs in Kmart (I'm sure all the mothers reading this just know what I'm talking about!).   And I left off the inseam side pockets too because when I had to  take in the side seams further after sewing them I just couldn't be bothered and literally just sewed a straight line from waistband to hem.  I also dipped the front waistband down so it sits on the lower part of my bump, but not quite underneath:

So after all that I have a pair of simple and basic pants, but it's those basics that make our wardrobes go around isn't it? And now I have gone to the effort of refining the pattern perhaps I'll make it again before I get a waistline back and have more difficult fitting issues!


  1. I think all your adjusting on that pattern has paid off. Those pants look great! :)
    Congratulations on number 2! I'm expecting my first in April and I think I'm just a week behind you. One of the most difficult things I've run into is cutting fabric. How do you cut out projects when you're preggo? It seems any amount of bending over exhausts my poor back. I definitely don't do it on the floor anymore. :)

  2. These are great - so all of your hard work paid off! I agree that you should make one more pair and maybe a pair of longer shorts...both of which should take you to the end of your pregnancy!

  3. I love the fabric. I agree with Carolyn, make a pair of this as shorts and you'll be cool and comfortable over summer. I've pretty well given up on paying attention to what they say in the Burda magazine.

  4. Nice pants! I think they are perfect for what you wanted them for. Oh, and how I love linen, and that linen fabric is so perty!!

  5. I think your pants are adorable! Well done! I just may have to check out this pattern :)


  6. Connie (Grandma C)28 November 2011 at 13:20

    That bump is looking good!! What is your due date again? Do you have to go thru your hottest months at the biggest part of your pregnancy or is my knowledge of the Australian seasons a bit off?

  7. I like the pants, they look great. I think the dress would look even better on you, are you considering sewing it for maternity? oh and Congratulations!

  8. Much more wearable than Parrot Girl's pair up there! I like that they are in an office-appropriate fabric, but are comfy elastic waist.

  9. Aww, one more thing to add to my to-do list. All that hard work. I'm so lazy... eek. Like Shannie, I'm really not looking forward to cutting. I'm also due in April so we are all around the same number of weeks I would imagine. I tried cutting out a project last week, and I am still recovering from the damage to my back.