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Monday, 3 November 2008
well there I was last post happily blathering on about having the perfect pregnancy thus far, so I guess I invite the gods of irony to kick my butt for it! After a sweltering hot day on Friday where I felt fine at work during the day, I developed a nasty head cold by Friday night. No big deal, except things got much much worse on Saturday and I thought I actually had the flu which would have been majorly bad 'cos there's not much you can take when you are preggers. My whole body ached, not just my hips, back, legs and arms but also my face (cheekbones, jaws and temples) and more alarmingly my chest had a constant ache whicch hurt so much more when I laid down. So I spent most of Saturday night walking around the house and sitting on the lounge alternating between being wrapped in a blanket because I was hot then cold then hot again.

The good news is that after some soup, copious amounts of orange juice and staying inside all weekend that the worst of it subsided and now I'm back to having a pesky head cold: runny nose and eyes, sore throat and general unhappiness. But I'll survive, it's no biggy just unpleasantness. But my husband did not cope well at all - he wanted to take me to hospital at one stage (yeah for a cold, I'd imagine the doctors in emergency would be really impressed with that!). So I've told him he needs to calm down and prepare for the labour, 'cos I don't need a drama queen for that!

Speaking of labour, thank you all so much for your comments on the last post. I agree with you all totally, I know that thousands of women give birth every day and have done for millions of years, it's a natural process, the body is made for, and so on. I don't know why some women make such a big deal of it that they get so scared and stressed, and then they come up with these ridiculous birth plans and get even more stressed and disappointed when they can't stick to them. I intend to go with the flow, hopefully have as least intervention as possible but I will take whatever advice the midwives and doctors give me depending on how the labour turns out. Or maybe I'll fall apart and the hospital will have two drama queens on their hands LOL.

So anyway no sewing done again this weekend, but I did do some 'unsewing' whilst I was ensconced on the lounge. I unpicked the waistband and let out the side seams from a pair of (formerly) loose fitting navy blue linen pants, and I'll sew on an elasticised waistband so I can wear them maternity and post maternity. I have a matching jacket somewhere around here that I may dig out so I can wear them to work in the next three (yipee!) weeks, but they will be good for nice casual pants so I'm not too concerned about that.

And because I don't like posting without a picture, here is a hilarious cartoon I saw on a crafty blog (Brassy Apple) that I stalk, which I'm sure we can all relate to:


  1. I'm so impressed.. you even sew your own shoes! When it comes to childbirth, some people are good with pain and some people are better with drugs. You'll know what's right for you when you get there!

  2. Oh, you had ME worried there! I hope you are feeling much better now.

  3. You're almost there! I had a bad cold with two of mine towards the end. You do feel worse because of being pregnant, can't take much, etc... Love that emblem of Rosie Rivet (or an imitation of her).

  4. Congrats and thanks for the link to my blog. I love the logo too! So clever!

    I am due any second now with my 4th baby and I've given birth to all of then naturally without drugs. Like a previous poster said - you'll know what's right for you when you are in labor. You may change your mind and you might not. Everyone is different. Good luck! and thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  5. LOVE the sticker! Talk about craftiness!

    Feel better!


    The Mad Tatter

  6. Funny that you have Rosie the Riviter. My grandma did that during WW II. And I'm telling you, they would not have let her if she was pregnant! I think that things were probably pretty different back then! Heck they wouldn't even talk about being pregnant with people other than the "women" of the family. And then probably hardly any of them!
    Hang in there... your about to the finish line! Yeah!!!!!