comfy shoes? um, not yet.....

Thursday, 30 October 2008
I had a little laugh at Lindsay T's comment on the last post about the shoes I am wearing in that photo. Some of you long time readers may remember my very shallow concerns when I first got pregnant about what shoes I would wear since I predominantly only heels only. Then Vicki assured me that her assistant wore heels up to 8 months and I decided she is my role model and as a result I am still wearing my normal high heels now. I just don't feel dressed properly without heels.

I've been very lucky so far not to get swollen feet or ankles, back or hip pain and in fact apart from being a little breathless and having difficulty rolling over in bed it's almost like I'm not pregnant at all (except for a ginormous growth preceding me by wherever I go!) so it hasn't been a problem so far. My secret to wearing heels all the time is my foot spa. I don't understand why the humble foot spa always makes the list of most useless and unwanted chrisse presents every year, because I love love love mine and use it several times a week, usually while watching tv or on the computer. Then I get my husband to massage cream onto my feet which is the best bit, although he will soon need to paint my toenails too 'cos I nearly can't reach ha ha ha.

But the general vibe I've been getting from many women about child birth is this:
I do have a pretty high pain tolerance level, and so far I'm adopting my usual 'she'll be right mate' attitude, so I'm not overly worried about it (at this stage anyway!). But to cheer me up post birth, and to glide around the maternity ward in a most chic manner, I made some slippers and an eye mask to match a pair of the kimono pyjamas I made recently:

How cute are these? I used the free Alice slipper and Marcel eye mask patterns over at Burda Style, and made them from cotton in red polka dot and pink floral. I added a yo-yo and button to the slippers for decoration. So I guess these count as comfy shoes in a way, although I have to admit I've been eyeing off a new pair of strappy summer heels that have now gone on sale so I might just need to acquire them.....

In other news I've been tagged, but man it's hard to think of interesting answers to those questions so I may leave that for another day. Especially since I need to do my tax tonight - the deadline for submitting a tax return is tomorrow (I've only had since the end of the financial year in July so I have been extremely slack). It's a good thing that the Aussie government has reached the modern age and it can be lodged on-line. Oh well, I'm off to do some creative accounting......


  1. Well if you came to a tax agent like me you would have until May 15 next year to lodge!!!

    Now to more interesting stuff - very cute slippers and eye mask. But you will also need some matching ear plugs! You don't want to be disturbed at 2.00am by a crying!

  2. I'll be interested to see how long it takes to get your return at this stage of the year. Back in July it took 3 days. Are they still that efficient in November, or too busy with the rush of last-minute lodgers?

  3. I gave birth naturally to my son—my second child—due to his need to be born in a hurry and no time to administer drugs. If I were to do it again I would still go the natural route. His birth is my most vivid experience.

  4. Oh, your foot spa is my bread machine! Everyone says they just gather dust but I use mine three times a week!

    I love your slippers and eyemask, too. I've used that Marcel pattern quite a few times and everyone loves them...

  5. Does ANYONE use Lamaze method for childbirth anymore?

    I birthed my 2 DDs in 83 and 86 using just the Lamaze breathing. It was no picnic, but it wasn't awful either.

    I consider both of my pregnancies and childbirth experiences to be the highlights of my life.

  6. My first comment is that if childbirth is so bad, how come people choose to do it over and over again? Really, it is what it is, there is little you can do but be informed and prepared and trust in the people around you to take you through it. Well that and show up on game day. The end result is totally worth it. I have 4 daughters that were all born naturally, no drugs and my last baby (she'll be 32 this month YIKES?) was 9 lbs 4 ounces. Some have it easy, some have it hard, but you will look back on it and barely remember the bad parts and you will never forget the good parts. Most parents feel that it is the most profound emotional experience of their lives. I think the indignity of being spreadeagled and probed over and over again is worse than the pain. Thank God most Dr's don't use stirrups in the delivery room anymore. I fought that rule tooth and nail and finally with my last child they relented and let me do my own thing. You don't have much dignity left after sharing your nether regions so openly and repeatedly with virtual strangers. My family doctor's wife is a midwife and just happened to be on duty when my last dd was born. We saw them out socially later, and Dr. T went to introduce us saying "Bev, do you know Connie?" and she replied "I know parts of her quite well". I wish you well. I would gladly go back to those days with a child on my hip and two clinging to my legs in a minute. I even loved getting up in the middle of the night. I'm sending you best wishes for all the joy a new baby brings.

  7. Hey Kristy!
    Your going to be the envy of the maturnity ward!
    I'm with gramma C. if you know any of the breathing techniques use them... if your pain threshhold is high hopefully you'll do just great. Most important thing is... that once you get the little person out... it will be all down hill!
    Hang in there and try not to dwell on the negative! There are enough positive things to think about. Besides the end product is worth it!
    Hope that the house transformation is moving right along!

  8. That cartoon is spot on. When I was pregnant I only heard horror birth stories, and in the end it was so much better than I expected - actually a really wonderful experience.
    I am sure you are getting masses of unsolicited advice about birth and baby stuff, but I will chip in and recommend a TENS machine - they don't seem to work for everyone but they have no side effects and it made a big difference to me. And the prenatal yoga classes in Annandale are good for breathing stuff.
    Good luck!