venturing momentarily back into grey....

Tuesday 5 August 2008
Thanks everyone for your comments on the last post - I am finding that being pregnant isn't changing my usual style as much as I thought it would. With a little bit of creative thinking I've found that I can stick to my usual dress sense and be comfortable, and of course saving oodles of money because maternity clothes are pretty exy. In particular, thanks to Jean who is very sweet and wondering whether I was well since I hadn't posted! I feel very well thought of to have someone on the other side of the world who hasn't met me think of me so kindly.

So on to baby news: I had my 20 week ultrasound today and an appointment with my obstetrician and all is well, except for having to wait for 1.5 hours to see the obstetrician for a 15 minute appointment. I also passed my glucose tolerance test for gestational diabetes with flying colours, despite me eating lollies of all description by the bucket load! I have started to feel the little one start moving around which is a weird feeling, but it's nice little twitches at this stage, not the ferocious kicks that I can expect later on! Morning sickness has gone although it does rear it's ugly head every now and then just to remind me that I am pregnant ('cos the big belly isn't enough reminder).

Thanks Alison for the compliment on the scarf tying. I have so many scarfs that I really should wear more often but never felt quite right in them. But then I found an amazing how - to guide over on the Hermes website called 'play time scarf', and I've been inspired to add some French class to my outfits!

And thank you also to Sunny for nominating me for a blog award, I'll have to think of some others to nominate......

Ok back to the regular schedule of all things sewing related. After the previous disastrous weekend, I decided to appease the sewing gods by giving my sewing room a clean up which took all day Saturday! It was a big job because I had let it get so messy, but I was thorough - even giving the sewing machine and overlocker a clean. I also 'rationalised' my UFO pile by throwing out stuff made from cheap fabric that wasn't worth saving, putting away those things that won't fit for a while yet, and moving a few things to the top of the pile that I will still be able to wear in the future months.

But I did finally finish the grey cotton jacket to match the Vogue 8280 galaxy dress knockoff that I posted here. I made it using BWOF 12/07 jacket 115A, which I have made previously in a charcoal wool flannel. I substituted the front tab closure for ribbons, so that I could tie it shut over my expanding belly, and I deleted the tab cuffs but apart from that it was as per the pattern.

And looky looky - I used the same narrow blue ribbon as embellishment around the collar, cuffs and for the welt pockets:

Yes I know it's grey, but it is the last of the grey things on my sewing list at the moment, so I can venture back in to colour now that it's finally done. It really went together quickly since I had made it previously, I just procrastinated about sewing the lining in, and then about fixing the mistake of sewing the sleeves on backward, so it took me several weeks to finish what I could have done much more quickly!

And please excuse the crummy photo - I had to use the flash because the light was dwindling which is why I look so washed out. It's so hard to get decent photos during the winter months....


  1. The jacket is beautiful. And, you positively glow!

  2. The tie closure is a great idea. I had forgotten about this pattern but I do love it so...

  3. Looks great! You busy girl you!
    You have a better wardrobe ala maturnity then I do not in maturnity! Glad to hear your doing well. I would think your going to need to add onto your house to house all your wardrobe pretty soon! LoL...

  4. One of these days I will learn to spell! Maternity... m, a, t, e, r, n, i, t, y! I did it! Wow, I feel so proud! Until next time!

  5. Very, very nice jacket! And thanks for the check-up report...glad all is well with baby stitcher!

  6. The jacket looks great - I like the blue ribbon trim. My messy sewing room is not encouraging me to sew. I keep thinking I will clean it up but then get tempted by TV. Currently watching So You Think You Can Dance with DD's. This week it is on Wed, Thur & Fri!

  7. That is a very classy looking outfit! The nice thing about your maternity wardrobe is it's so nice and not maternity looking that it could double for a bit afterwards if needed as you get back into your regular clothes. mssewcrazy

  8. Love this jacket. I really need something like it in my wardrobe. Great to hear all is going well with your pregnancy.

  9. You are looking so happy! It will be over before you know it with a wonderful little one to sew for! Get some rest too!

  10. I love this entire outfit. It looks like you spent a fortune on it!! As a fellow lover of gray and black, I have to say you've inspired me with your detailing. It's subtle, but completely adds dimension to the garments. I'm glad I found your blog!