happy happy days

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Well I did no sewing this week - very busy with work (making up for my slackness of the past few months!) I wish I could say I took that photo above on my way to an exotic destination for a fabulous beach holiday, but whilst I did travel to the lovely north coast of NSW it was for work, and for quite an aggressive mediation session that failed and will now proceed to a court hearing. But it was nice getting out of the city, out of the office and away from my computer writing policies and briefing notes that hardly anyone reads.....

And the happy happy days bit? Well I have spent the last week and a half walking around the city looking for the June BWOF at Borders and various newsagents without luck, because I am so sure it's been more than 4 weeks since I bought the May one. I was so frustrated that on Monday I poneyed up the $165 for a subscription, but didn't think the first issue would be delivered for a few weeks and I would still have to track down the June issue. Well I got home tonight from the airport and what is sitting in my mailbox FOUR days after subscription? A pristine copy of the June BWOF. I love it when things work out unexpectedly.

In answer to your question Jean posted in the comments to the last post, we have chosen not to find out the sex of the baby - I'm looking forward to a surprise at the end of all that huffin' puffin' and pushin'! I can't believe how many people are surprised at this though - people my age say it's much better for shopping (because that's why we have babies right? shopping opportunities) and older people say it was never available in their day and why wouldn't I use the available technology?

So I'm looking forward to a Christmas surprise - hopefully the surprise being that the baby doesn't come on its due date! I've already had my fair share of jokes about giving birth in a manger, naming the kid Mary ha ha ha. Better than the jokes about whether I'm having twins or not....

Happy happy days also because it's only a few more days until it's officially spring here - I can't wait for the warmer weather because apparently Sydney has officially had it's coldest August in many years. While I am waiting for the weather to warm up and to see how much bigger I get before I start making some breezy summer dresses I thought I would spend the next few weeks finishing off a few UFOs, but I will start planning by poring over the new BWOF mag. Plus someone raised a really good issue with me by email - I need to start thinking about clothing appropriate for nursing because I have been so focused on belly dressing that I hadn't thought beyond the birth but it is something now definately on my radar.

And finally it's all happy happy days because it's Friday evening, the weekend is upon us and I can see some op-shopping, some sewing and probably even cake baking for my husband's birthday on Sunday going on this weekend and I can ignore work stuff until about 9.30am Monday morning (even though I am usually in at work by 8am!)

Happy weekend everyone


  1. Kristi,
    Eight years ago, I gave birth to a "surprise." We also chose to not know the sex of the child until she was born.
    During the birth, my DH said, "It has curly, black hair!" My reply was, "Is it a boy or a girl?"

    His reply, "Don't know, we're not that far along yet!" Which got me back to task at hand.

    I think it is cool to wait. What great anticipation!

  2. I saw the August (?) Burda has a few maternity things, maybe the tops could be adjusted for nursing. Also I have one Jalie pattern (and more may be compatible) that accomodates pregnancy. It's the one with criss-cross bands. Of course, you are really ingenious and could modify existing patterns...

  3. Hi Kristi:

    Glad you are feeling so well. You certainly have plans for the weekend. I hope you are able to accomplish everything you need to do.

    Here in the states, it is Labor Day weekend, so a long one. And its only Friday morning, so a lot of time to play. I actually don't have to go to work until Wednesday! Yeah!!

    You haven't mentioned sewing for baby! For the newborn, clothes are often unisex. It is the most fun to sew because they are really small and go quickly!

    I can understand wanting to be surprised. Planning for baby probably is easier if you know in advance, but it is just as fun if you know or not.

    Have a great weekend. I enjoy reading your adventures in sewing.

  4. snap. I spend lots of time writing briefing notes and policies that I think hardly anyone reads...and snap, I've been looking for that BWOF too, I'm almost embarrased to go into the mag shop again...and snap I didn't find out the sex of either of my babies, but with both of them I got a sudden blinding sureity during pregnancy that I knew the sex, and I was right...and snap again, it's my birthday on Monday, so I'm baking myself a cake! I know a xmas day baby girl named Holly. HA!

  5. We did both-found out the sex and let it be a surprise. Both were great for different reasons.

    The BWOF August does have some very cute maternity things. In fact I was wondering how I could make one shirt not maternity ('cuz I am not havin' any more babies). :)

  6. I knew the sex of the baby for my first one but not for the second. I prefered knowing. But you know, even knowing the sex, it is a surprise - you know this person from being inside of you but have not seen them and they do not always look like you imagine. I expected a chubby dark baby (as her father is Italian decent) but she was fair, skinny and had ginger hair!!! She still is fair and skinny (17 years later) but the hair is blonde. And her personality is still the same as on the day she was born!!

    Oh and if you are wondering why I didn't find out for the 2nd was because I was in hospital with a lady who was expecting a girl after 3 boys, but got another boy. She was so upset, I thought I would not want to have had a boy when I was so expecting my daughter.

  7. Good idea to think baout clothes after pregnancy - I know it is probably all that is taking up your thoughts now - but there is a lot more to come...
    BTW where did you order your Burda WOF from that you got it so quickly (oh - & ours still haven't turned up at the newsagency - don't know what is going on there!)

  8. I also didn't find out for either of my children (both boys), and there were a lot of people who were very surprised by that. Especially since I'm a vet, and we do a lot of ultrasound work (yep, I even ultrasounded myself on occasion). But I really wanted to be surprised. My husband has said that if we have another, we're going to find out ahead of time - because we didn't have names picked out ahead of time for either child. :)

  9. I can see the benefits of finding out ahead of time. Really I can. But it is just like Christmas waiting for that final fantastic present! No matter what it is boy or girl, your going to love He/She to pieces as soon as you see he/she! Funny, my "baby" is now 23 and I can still remember thinking she is sooo beautiful! I cried!
    Hang in there. Your doing great!
    How is hubby hanging in? Have you been attending any pre-birth classes at all? They really can be a big help if you haven't been around babies much. With the first baby I can remember being a bit scared thinking, no I can't take this tiny little thing home... I will break him!
    My hubby called my folks (who live in Oregon... we lived in Utah at the time) and told them he has lots and lots of red hair! Ahem, they hadn't washed the baby yet! He was a blonde! He also as we were going onto the (Airforce Base) told the guard, "My baby's having a wife"! The fellow just laughed and told him to come and show him his I.D. later. (This was in 1977) Too funny!

  10. You and the marvelous clothes you make are a total inspiration to me.