comments roundup

Tuesday 8 April 2008
Since I'm a relative newbie to the world of blogging, I haven't as yet figured out how to email the lovely individuals who leave comments on my posts. So as a catchall action I'd like to thank all of you for reading my ramblings and taking the time to comment. I am hugely guilty of lurking on blogs but now that I know the giddy pleasure derived from comments (or is that just me?) I am endeavouring to have my 2 cents worth when I see something amazing.

When I started this blog it was mainly to keep my real life friends (and my mum) whom I don't see every day up to date with my latest creations, so I wasn't too fussed how many people looked and commented. But it's very exciting to receive comments from very talented sewers whose blogs I have been reading and loving for ages, as well as discovering new blogs to add to my extensive list of favourites.

Carolyn of the legendary diaryofasewingfanatic who commented on my post about seeing your fabric on someone else, I’m sure the woman wearing the Ann Taylor skirt wasn’t amused because you are a ‘plus size chick’ wearing it, I think she was jealous that a) she paid too much, b) yours would have been much better made, and c) I bet you were totally rocking it too.

Shannon of the awesome Hungry Zombie Couture - it’s too funny that you say you have been lurking for a bit on my blog, because I’ve been a massive lurker on your blog!

Antoinette of the diversely creative - I think it’s our duty as sewers to rescue patterns from the recycling pulp mills of the world, and a total count of your patterns can only be a badge of honour….

Lsaspacey of lifeisexamined - thank you for the lovely comment about my wedding dress – every bride loves to hear they looked beautiful on their wedding day.

To the very funny Livebird, I am not nearly as close to my wardrobe being entirely handmade as Carolyn is, but I’d say I’m about 60% there, always increasing of course!

Colette of the very addictive Sew Tessuti – I will try and think of a project worthy enough for the Tessuti awards, more reason to come and buy more fabric I think!

Melissa of Fehr Trade – I love seeing pictures of your houseboat, so I can’t wait to see your revamped sewing room.

And to the stylish Reethi (of weekend crafting) I stole this idea from your blog, hope you don’t mind!

But a big thank you to all I haven't mentioned specifically above - you've gained a new reader to your blog....

Finally, I hate blog posts without pictures, and I have finished a new dress and jacket from a vintage pattern but with the end of daylight savings time here in Australia plus the rainy and grey weather we've been having I don't have any photos of them! I'll have to leave work early one day to take some (yeah, that's such a good use of my time!)

Speaking of the rainy weather, the dog is not happy about not being walked. Look at the deadly stare I'm getting from him because I'm sitting happily on the lounge blog surfing and watching tv and not walking:
And then, just to make sure I couldn't ignore him, he stared at me like this for a good 10 minutes!


  1. hahahaha! Love that last picture! LOL MY kitten would stretch out on my laptop keypad! LOL

  2. The pics of your dog are a hoot!! My guy does the same "LOOK AT ME!" stare when he wants something too.

  3. Really, stylish? Sweet. I've never been called that before. Kewl. And of course I don't mind, especially since I stole the idea from Cidell.

  4. Ha! I loaned my laptop to a friend so it's a bit harder for my dogs to really get in my face, but they do the same thing...stare at me with those big eyes, eagerly awaiting me to acknowledge them.

  5. Thanks for your comment on my blog. :) Your clothes look great and are so well made; I hope to be that skilled someday (soon, hopefully!). Will definitely be checking your blog regularly.
    - jujubee (

  6. ummmm legendary...I don't know about that! *LOL* However, your post is how I answer most questions posed to me on my blog. I KNOW I should email each poster, but I just don't have that kinda time ~ I mean if I ever want to sew again! *LOL*

    ...and comments are a little infectious...realizing that people are reading your words and agreeing! Keep up the good work, I am so enjoying your posts!

  7. Since you commented on my blog today (April 17) for the first time I am pretty sure, I thought I would come over to see who you were. Fun stuff! I totally know what you mean about the thrill of comments. I started commenting in the comments to give readers feedback there and I think it works pretty well. I don't comment on every single one but usually on most.

    I loved that red polka dot jacket! Just my thing, really. I lined a couple of things with cotton and yes, they do drag depending on what I'm wearing as a shirt. But jean jackets are unlined cotton and I wear them all the time. It depends on how smooth the lining is and how smooth the shirt is.

    And you have a dalmatian! I had a yellow lab but dalmatians are great too. Thanks for dropping by - I will now pop by myself.